Obama youtube video: We Are the Ones, By William of Black Eyed Peas

Here is the William music youtube video for Obama, “We are the Ones”.   I think it’s even better than “Yes We Can”.  It is really inspiring, and touching. And I love the way William stays mostly out of it- it so clearly isn’t any kind of ego trip. He is using his gift- his music- to help inspire people and really capture what the Obama movement of hope is really about.  An excellent video. What do you think?

I’m also including “Yes we can” here also, for quick find. It’s also really inspiring, but this second one really nails it.

We Are the Ones Youtube Video for Obama by William of Black Eyed Peas” 

[youtube ghSJsEVf0pU nolink]


Yes We Can Youtube video for Barack Obama by William of Black Eyed Peas:

[youtube jjXyqcx-mYY nolink]



2 thoughts on “Obama youtube video: We Are the Ones, By William of Black Eyed Peas”

  1. Hi American

    I am not American citizen but man!What is happening in America is no word can describe it. I am an Australian Citizen. But i am so jealous that i am not part of this amazing thing is happening in the USA. Man believe it or not..I used to see USA as a nation that lost in touch with the rest of us..But hope is coming to America…this guy name Obama…man i think he is the one to bring America back on track again….If America is back on track for good things….i have no doubt that thing will get better for American and us…Vote wisely America…vote to change where you stand…vote Obama…so that he can prove wrong how i used to think American are….just because of your evil president Bush…who lost you and us. So good luck America…and remember to vote Obama…for your own goods.

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