Obama Came Out AHEAD in Delegates in the early March Primaries.

Obama came out AHEAD during the early march Primaries.

Hillary understandably needs to drum up the feeling of momentum as much as possible, but her claims to being another come back kid may be a bit exaggerated. 

DailyKos.com has a post that lays it all out pretty clearly:

Per Obama’s count (if Clinton had a similar count, I’ll happily link to it), Obama started last week with 1,203 delegates, Clinton with 1,043. Since then:
     Obama  Clinton
OH     66     75
RI      8     13
VT      9      6
TX     99     94
WY      7      5
Total 189    193

So that’s a four-delegate gain for Clinton.
But the final certified vote in California swung 4 votes to Obama. So officially, Obama gained four more delegates last week, which made the week tied between them.  But it didn’t end there.   There is one last “unpledged” Wyoming delegate who will be selected at Wyoming’s state convention by the elected delegates from the caucus. That will go to Obama.  So unofficially, Obama actually won the delegate race last week.
In addition to that, Obama picked up several Superdelegate endorsements, including:
-Texas Democratic Party Vice Chair Roy Laverne Brooks
-DNC member Mary Long of Georgia
-South Carolina Democratic Party Chair Carol Fowler.
-NV State Party Vice Chairwoman Teresa Benitez-Thompson
-Rep. Nick Rahall (D-WV).
-Georgia Democratic Party chairwoman Jane Kidd.

All of that gives Obama a plus 6 delegate week for Obama (plus 7 counting the Wyoming vote. 
Hillary is going in the WRONG direction with delegates, losing instead of gaining.  Add to that Mississippi, plus the fact that the number of available pledged delegates left is much lower than late February, Hillary has to get an even higher percentage of the remaining pledged delegates. No wonder she is throwing the kitchen sink at Obama. She recognizes that a respectable campaign can’t possibly make her President.

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