Hillary’s 4 Year Plan to Be President

April 18, 2008

Hillary’s 4 year plan to be President
Many have wondered why Hillary Clinton continues to stay in a race in which the only way she can win is by overturning the real majority of delegates through convincing the elite superdelegates to vote for her.  If somehow she managed to do this- which is very unlikely- this would undoubtedly create a huge backlash which would wound the Democratic party and puncture an irreparable hole in the excitement and momentum of the many who have become involved because of Obama.

So why is she staying in?  The possibilities include:

1. She actually believes she can win without damaging the Democratic party.  Very unlikely she is THAT insulated from reality.
2. She is praying for SOMETHING- anything- to come up with Obama that results in him crashing and burning, leaving her to save the day.  This also is very unlikely to happen, and for this to be the only reason she is staying in the game at this point- taking all the hits she is taking for her negative campaigning- seems unlikely.

3. She is well aware that her attacks on Obama make him weaker in the general election, increasing the chances he will lose. And if McCain wins, she will be well-positioned to try again in 4 years. Obama- who lost- may not run again and will be seen as unable to get the job done if he does run. 
It appears more likely with each passing week that while Hillary would love for Obama to implode while there is still time for her to save the day with the blessings of the majority, she has a more likely scenario on her mind: Hillary is trying to stay in this long enough to wound Obama- so that McCain might have an easier time finishing the job. Which, as things look now, could leave Hillary one last real chance at the White House in 4 years.

Hillary will be stepping out of the race in May or early June. She will then go through the motions of supporting Obama. But the GOP already has the commercials written and ready- playing clips of Hillary praising Obama, followed by her implying he wasn’t ready to be Commander in Chief.  She’ll appear to be doing her best. She has already planted the seeds to make sure her best attempts actually give the GOP the ammunition they need to convince people her new support of Obama is thin and meaningless. 

If there is any truth to this, it is certainly putting herself above the Democratic party and above the American people. If there is no truth to it, she will see how very unlikely it is for her to get the nomination, and walk very carefully to ensure nothing she does hurts Obama (and she would have been doing this for several weeks now).

While various sides have pointed fingers about why this is going on so long, it remains a fact that if a majority of the remaining undeclared superdelegates were to make their choice, Hillary would likely step out by early May.  Superdelegates, since Hillary isn’t seeming to notice the exit signs, it’s up to you to push her along.  Otherwise, our fighter will be too beat up to have a fair chance in the main event.

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