Movie Quotes from Bowling for Columbine: Quotes from the movie Bowling for Columbine

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-Now wait a minute. The Constitution says you’ve got the right to bear arms. What do you think ‘arms’ means?
-It means we ought to have handguns if we want to.
-What about nuclear weapons? Should you be able to have weapons-grade plutonium?
-Well, I think that oughta be restricted.

And every morning, she went off to work, at minimum wage, to make fudge for rich people.

Canada was one gun-loving, gun-toting country!

Dick Clark is an American icon.

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GUY: I made it to number two on that list and it really made me mad.
NARRATOR: Why, because you didn’t make it to number one?

I loves my gun, loves my gun (from the cartoon)

It doesn’t say gun. It says arms. What is arms?

MICHAEL: Why not use Gandhi’s way? He didn’t have guns, and he beat the British Empire.
JAMES: I’m not… familiar with that.

Narrator: And where exactly IS the burglar or rapist right now?

Narrator: What would you say to them?
Singer: I wouldn’t say a single word to them. I would listen to what they had to say. That’s what no one else did.

Old what’s-his-name [the narrator]: I can’t see the Hollywood sign because of the pollution, and I was just wondering, if there is anyone I could sue for that?
Policeman: NO!!

Thank you for not shooting me.

The media, the corporations, the politicians have all done such a good job of scaring the American public, it’s come to the point where
they don’t need to give any reason at all.

There’s a lot of wackos out there.

They kicked me out for 380 days or 165 days or whatever a normal school year is.

This was my first gun. I couldn’t wait to go out and shoot up the

Well, here’s my first question. Do you think it’s kind of dangerous
handing out guns at a bank?

What if I had a spear?

[Marlyn Manson]’When you are watching the television, you’re watching the news, your being pumped full off fear, there’s floods there’s aids there’s murder. Then cut to commercial. Buy the accura Buy the collgate, when your breath stinks there not gonna talk to you, when you have pimples the girls are not gonna fuck you. It’s just a campaign of fear and consumption. I think it’s just based on the idea. Keep everyone afraid and they will consume’

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