Why is Facebook So Popular?

I asked a friend of mine, a woman in her late thirties who has been spending more and more time on Facebook, if she could explain to me what’s so catchy about it. If she could give me a few reasons why she liked it so much. I just haven’t caught onto it and I’m not sure I’m going to.  This was her reply:

I don’t know if I can think of as many as a few, but here is the main one.  Facebook allows you to keep your ‘proximity’ friends. That is the people who you know from work, school or a club and you are friends with because they are around. When they stop being around, you lose touch, sometimes even if you really didn’t want to lose touch with them. And sometimes you just have a mild interest in keeping in contact. Facebook allows you to follow their lives, without going to any more trouble than you want to interacting with them. No phone calls, no emails, no coffee dates but you still get to see little things about them. That is, if they update, of course. So, for people, like say, Mark and Sandra, who are both teaching English overseas, I have a window into their life. But we weren’t really good enough friends otherwise.  See what I mean? So, friendships stay strong, or at least, continue on some level. It’s actually just the thing for social recluses.
I think people in, or  who went to, college have more of these types of friends than anybody else. Dormmates, and classmates going in and out of your life. So that’s probably why its the most popular with them. Almost all of my friends on facebook are people I met in Japan, or people from our Masters program, so I am not an example of a non-college person with whom it is catching on.
I’m actually not all that addicted to Facebook, since I don’t really like to go to my computer when I get home, and I can’t do much more than check it quickly when I’m at work.  But there are a lot of things that are fun to do there. It’s a great time waster. Methinks that because you have only one facebook friend you are not exploring it and using it to its best advantage. You social recluse, you.
There are places to advertise an event, sell/give away your couch, find a job, hire someone, meet people with similar interests, etc. etc. if you care to do it.

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  1. you dont do a very good job of telling who the author is or why they wrote this or when it was posted. I wanted to use some of this in a paper i am writing about facebook but now i cant because i cant source it correctly.

  2. facebook is the awesomest thing to go on because on myspace you can’t talk to anyone and it sucks and people like to go on things where you can talk to people.

  3. I think, facebook wants to popular, they stop hackers and intruders from coming into face book. Otherwise it great tool. I but they should enforce people putting their marriage a status from woman, my ex-wife, they lie that they are single not even they are actuall married. I guess facebook is number marriage breaking website. Do agree or not is up to you, because everybody thinking might differ. That what I believe.

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