bats dying in New York: “White Nose Syndrome” Mystery Disease

Thousands of bats have died in New York and Vermont, and many more will die in the coming weeks, from a mysterious illness called “White Nose Syndrome” that has not yet been identified, according to a recent article on msn.

The bats may be dying of a virus, a bacteria, a fungus, toxins or some other cause.  The sick, dying and dead bats all have a white fungus beneath their noses.  It is not yet clear if this is the cause of their sickness, or is some kind of byproduct or symptom.

Biologists fear the situation could continue to spread- it first appeared last year in one small area and has spread considerably this year.  If it does worsen, it could have large implications on food harvesting, due to increased insect populations.

It is not suspected that this is related to the Bee illness that is causing bees to disappear in North America at an alarming rate.  both of these could have huge implications for the economy. Together,  if they continue and worsen, they could be disasterous.

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  1. As someone who suffers from severe microwave sickness and has become severely immunocompromised in recent years – take it from me – it has something to do with one or more of our wireless technologies.

    First the bees. Now the bats. Would you rather eat or talk on your cell phone?

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