Review of Mario Kart for Wii: Nathan’s review of the new hot video game “Mario Kart”

Review of Mario Kart for Wii

It’s back and it’s better than ever! Mario Kart has been released for the Nintendo Wii system.
 After its first release for the Nintendo 64 game system in 1997, people have been playing this game. Nintendo released other Mario Kart games for different systems such as the Nintendo DS; but it didn’t have a great turnout. Now, Nintendo has released Mario Kart for the Wii and it has been a great hit.

 There are many great things about this new game. Since it’s for the Nintendo Wii, it requires movement. To drive, you use one of Nintendo’s steering wheels. The steering wheel makes the game really fun because you feel like you’re really driving on a racetrack. It’s not as good as a driving simulator, but it’s very great. Another cool thing about this game is that not only are you driving to win the race, you have to be careful and avoid being attacked by other players. In the game, you can pick up items such as turtle shells that you can shoot at people and bananas that you can put on the road to make people slip and slide all over the road. So in this game, you can attack other players to slow them down and you have to avoid other players so they don’t slow you down. One more great thing about this game is all of the different racetracks that you can race on. There are tracks with volcanoes, there are tracks with huge mushrooms and plants that are big enough to eat you, and there are tracks that are high up into the air and you have to be very careful so that you don’t fall off! Lastly, if your Wii has internet access, you has connect and play with people from all over the world! This game is a great game and can be very addicting.
 Even though there are a great many things about this game, there are a couple things that may not please some players. When you get hit by an item that someone threw at you, it takes some time to get going again. When you are hit, you fly up into the air and you land on the ground and you stall for about 2-5 seconds (depending what you’re hit by). In an intense race, this can be really annoying because if you’re in 1st place and you get hit; 2-5 seconds of stalling is long enough for almost all of the players to pass you. This can be very frustrating.
Over all, this game is a great game and is appropriate for the whole family. It is great at parties and it’s a whole lot of fun!


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