Review of Movie “Hancock” Starring Will Smith

Here’s Nathan’s review of the hot summer movie “Hancock”, starring Will Smith and Charlize Theron.
Hancock is an action-packed movie that is guaranteed to keep you on the edge of your seat.
In this movie, Hancock (Will Smith) is a man with supernatural abilities that has no idea where he came from or anything about his past. But he is no ordinary superhero. Unlike other classic superheroes, Hancock is constantly drunk, cusses like it was a first language to him, and has no respect for others. When he does rescue somebody or prevents robberies, he does it in the most destructive way you could think. In all, Hancock is not the greatest superhero of all time.

Soon, Hancock meets Ray (Jason Bateman), a Public Relations Representative who is not having much luck in his life. Ray takes in Hancock and tries to change Hancock’s image. The first thing Ray thinks that would help is if Hancock went to jail. If Hancock went to jail, crime would be on the rise and people would want him back. So both Hancock and Ray decide to try it. During the process, Hancock meets Ray’s mysterious wife, Mary (Charlize Theron). Hancock is then thrown into an adventure to help change who he is and to find out about the mysterious woman Mary.

This movie is a great movie and is sure to entertain you. Its special effects are amazing and there are some very cool stunts that have been thrown into the movie. The plot flows nicely and there are some very funny moments scattered throughout the film. Some parts are predictable and some parts will surprise you. Peter Berg (Director) has done an outstanding job on this movie and you will definitely enjoy it!

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  1. I’ve always enjoyed Will Smith and his roles he usually does a fine job in trying to be a hero with an attitude off than he does get wrapped up in in his own egos however he does a commendable job being real and down-to-earth I’ve heard some negative things some of the press on this movie and I wanted to read for myself what the comments were to set it straight from me to go out and watch this movie in the near future I hope we’ll you’re doing well thanks for some good entertainment, your friend in the audience
    Dan Gring

  2. Any one know the mix breed of the dog in the movie Hancock? I am going to adopt a puppy, and I love the size,color and everything about that dog.Would be a lot of help when I go on petfinder.

    Thank you


  3. in the movie @ the sceen of the tornadoes after that lady hit hancock with that truck what was that rather large robot moving from left to right during the caos?

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