Iron Man Movie Trailer: Here is the new trailer for Iron Man the Movie

The Official Iron Man Movie Trailer has been eagerly awaited, and now that it’s here there’s a lot of interest in it. The always superb Robert Downey Jr plays Ironman, an arrogant, self centered military weapons developer who ends up designing an incredible, indestructible suit to help the world, after narrowly escaping death.  The Iron man movie trailer shows him walking right past soldiers shooting at him, and also shows him flying around at speeds faster than the fighter jets chasing him.  In that sense, it looked a bit like rocket man (but unfortunately without Jennifer Connelly. (but much nicer effects as it’s now 15 years later).  But with Robert Downey Jr in the lead role and with some rocking music, based on the Iron man movie trailer this is going to be a hot and profitable movie.  It’s nice to finally see him back in the lead role of a major motion picture. It’s been a long time.

 So, check it out for yourself. Here is the official Iron Man Movie Trailer, Teaser, Preview, from youtube.  Enjoy

Iron Man Movie Trailer from You Tube

[youtube vhgzIM-9lfA nolink]

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  1. Iron Man rocks but it needs more upgrades and modifications to the suit in designs for example, Silver and Blue bolt on the Body parts with advanced superior weapon systems and more technology.

    Ian Ho Number 1 Fan of Iron Man!!!

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