The Dark Knight Movie Trailer: The trailers and teasers of the Batman “Dark Knight” movie from youtube

The Dark Knight trailer, the teaser for the second Batman movie, is generating a lot of interest, with millions of views on youtube.  I remember Christian Bale from “Empire of the Sun” and he was amazing. I had wondered what happened to him, and missed him in Little Women, and then suddenly a few years ago he showed up everywhere at once.  He was a good choice for Batman, and of course Heath Ledger is getting great buzz as a scary and creepy Joker. 

This is the first Dark Knight Movie Trailer.  It’s a good movie trailer with solid, original music, some shots of the cool batmobile and a batman motorcycle, and it has some hints of what is to come.  The trailer focuses on the Joker more than Batman, confirming the buzz that he is a very strong part of this film.

Here is the Dark Knight Movie Trailer


[youtube WaIR9dAZRR0 nolink]


And here is the one minute teaster trailer for The Dark Knight.  There’s pretty much no footage in it, just some audio and of course some cool visuals. Still worth a look.

[youtube UWw0ov nolink]


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