Movie Quotes from Winning London: Quotes from the movie Winning London

bratz rock angels

Brian:That’s the fun of it Kiddo.
Riley:Brian, the name’s Riley not kiddo.
Brian: right Riley.
They kiss.
Brian:What just happened?
Riley:we just kissed in an airduct.
They kiss again.
Riley:i think we should go.
Brian: right, Bond doesnt get the girl til the end of the movie.

Chloe: Look. This competition is very important to me. It’s not a play to lose thing. It’s a play to win thing.

Chloe: Sorry James, but, I play to win.
James: You know, sometimes you win one thing, and you lose another.

Chole: haven’t we seen enough museums?
Riley: Yes
Chole: Enough Mouments?
Riley: yes
Chole: Enough
Riley: Yes
Chole: Then what are we doing?
Riley: Shopping
Chole: Shopping?
Riley: Not just shopping shopping in style!

Dylan: THIS IS THE MOST BEST POLO MATCH I’VE EVER SEEN! This is the… only… polo match I’ve really ever seen.

Dylan: Romeo, Romeo where thort out tho Romeo?
Riley: I rose by any other name would..
James: Ah no women allowed all the actors were men in shakespears time!
Riley: i guess you’ve never seen shakespear in love!

James: All the actors in Shakespeare’s time were men.
Riley: Obviously, you haven’t seen ‘Shakespeare in Love’.

James: I’ve got a foot on it. You might want to check your shoes next time before you leave the loo.
Chloe: Lou who?
James: The WC, the loo, the toilets.

James: Is this one of those ‘quit while you’re ahead’ things?

Riley: No, more like ‘quit while you’re behind’ things.

James: Thanks for rescuing me tonight. I never get a chance to do this. I never got to be someone.
Chloe: You already are someone, I mean. Our parents got to be kids. Now it’s our turn.

Prince charming at 10:00

Rachel: This is where Henry VIII beheaded two of his wives.
Brian: Ya the dude who invented divorce!

Riley: Check it out, aliens from planet prep school.

Riley: Chill! I’m cool with this old peacekeeping thing.

Riley: I think we should!!
Brian: Oh, yeah, right. Bond doesn’t get the girl ’til after the movie.

Riley: Uh, Brian! It’s this way.
Brian: No, it’s this way. Hey, I found a short cut.
Riley: What’s a girl to do?

Riley: We have a propistion
Chole: We do?
Girl: yes

Riley: We’re in England
Chole: SO?
Riley: So all we need to know is right out there call our names!

Riley: We’re in England right?
Everyone: yea
Riley: we’re england, we’re in england, WE’RE ENGLAND!

Riley: Whatever it takes this is war!

What a fox!!

[Chole just fell over some bags]
Chole: Did he see me?
Riley: Define ‘see’

[in Westminster abbey]
Dylan: what would it cost to get a plot in this?
Chole: achive greatness and die!
Rachel: so i might as well forget about it.
Dylan: well aren’t we miss Westminster Crabby!

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