Movie Quotes from Winning: Quotes from the movie Winning

–Even God took a rest on Sunday.
–I’m not God. That’s my problem.

–Well, what do people get married for then?
–It’s a good question.

Floyd took me to Milwaukee on our honeymoon for a week. We spent the week making tours of the breweries because they give free samples.

Frank, now’s your chance. You can buy into that real estate development we got going near Hoover Dam. It’s a retirement community.

Frank, you drove a good race.

Gentlemen, start your engines!

Good morning from the world’s greatest race course. It’s race day from Indianapolis, Indiana, the crossroads of America.

He just wants to win. He doesn’t care what the stakes are.

He’s got my wife. Why shouldn’t he have my car?

I’m driving good, but my life is crap.

I’m out of it…You win.

Life is getting too dangerous to live in it.

People stay married ’cause they want to, not because the doors are locked.

Sport, you gotta learn to drive this thing by the seat of your pants.

Tachometers for eyes.

The field of 33, the fastest in the history of the Indianapolis Motor Speedway.

There has been frenzied activity all night long here at Gasoline Alley.

Waking up next to somebody you recognize can get to be too much of a good thing.

Well, driving in the streets is dangerous.

Well, you gotta learn to trust something. It might just as well be the seat of your pants.

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