Movie Quotes from Verdict, The: Quotes from the movie Verdict, The

–Are we premitted to award an amount greater than the amount the Plaintiff asked for?
–Yes, you are.

–Sir! You’re not allowed to be in here…You can’t be in here.
–I’m her attorney.

–Why wasn’t she getting oxygen?
–Well, many reasons, actually.
–Tell me one.
–She’d aspirated vomitus into her mask.
–She threw up in her mask. Let’s cut the bullshit. Say it: She threw up in her mask.

AD LINE: *Frank Galvin has just one last chance to do something right*

Concannon’s going to try the case his way, I’m going to try it mine.

Frank Galvin had just one more chance to do something right

Galvin: I cut my finger the other day…… I bled so bad that my eyes cleared up!!!

He is the prince of fucking darkness.

Her doctors killed her.

I cut myself shaving this morning….. I bled so bad my eyes cleared up……

I don’t want a mistrial.

I wanted to be a nurse! Who were these men….?

I’ve no sympathy for you.

It’s not a good case. It’s a very good case.

Maybe I can do something right.

Never ask a question unless you have the answer to it.

The court doesn’t exist to give them justice. The court exists to give them a chance at justice.

The weak have got to have something to fight for.

They told me to change the 1 to a 7.

Today you are the law. You are the law. Not some book. Not the lawyers. Not a marble statue or the trappings of the court. See, those are just symbols of our desire to be just. They are…They are, in fact, a prayer. A fervent and a frightened prayer.

We cannot accept a copy in preference to the original.

We object to the admission of a Xerox photocopy.

You can’t fight City Hall.

You couldn’t hack it as a lawyer. You were nothin’ but a bag man for the boys downtown and you still are, I know about you.

You want to be a failure? Then do it someplace else. I can’t invest in failure, Frank, anymore.

You’re not paid to do your best. You’re paid to win.

Your Honor, with all due respect, if you’re going to try my case for me, I wish you wouldn’t lose it.

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