Movie Quotes from Vertical Limit: Quotes from the movie Vertical Limit

(Guy bending over with his head between his legs) Female: What are you doing? Male: I’m kissing my ass goodbye.

1)What are you doing? 2)I’m trying to kiss my ass goodbye.

Cyril Bench: One hundred thousand sperm and you were the fastest?

Get some sleep.

Major Rasul: It’s the best tea. It’s Indian tea, of course. We may be at war with India, but there’s no reason to overreact.

Peter: Can you climb?
Monique: Peter wants to know if I can climb!
Skip: Worst I ever seen. Couldn’t climb a ladder.
Peter: You’re that good, huh?
Monique: Yes… But it was a very tall ladder.

Skip: Don’t mind her. She’s French-Canadian. Some days she’s Canadian. Can be quite pleasant. Today she’s obviously French

Ten thousand sperm, and you were the fastest?

Tom McLaren: Are you going to kill me now?
Elliot Vaugh: Yes.

Up there you’re not dying, you’re already dead!

Use your axe!!!

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