Movie Quotes from Undercover Blues: Quotes from the movie Undercover Blues

–You know what’s funny? That gray van over there.
–Funny ha-ha or funny interesting?

–You think you’re smarter than we are.
–Oh, not much.

1) Hon, do oysters come with guns? 2) Don’t make any sudden movements 1) Why? Is there a bee on me? 3) I don’t see one 1) You know I;ve never understood what that meant 3) You know me either, I think they watch too many cop shows 2) I want you to get up from the table, very very slowly 1) very very not just, very? 2)Stop moving (1 snaps) 1) remember marsade about two or three years ago? 3) Yea! 1) Are you sure? 3) I think sooo 2)Don’t do anything stupid 1)alright on the count of three, one..two…three (they just sit there) 2)Alright, funs over (Morte’ appears with tray, screams seeing guns)

1) You have the right to remain silent anything you say will and can be used against you in the court of law, you may sing dance and whatever else you want. If you can’t afford an attorney, tough crap! Now get in the car you suspected felon you 2)Wait, wait, what am I being arrested for? 1)That’s for me to know and you to find out sonny!

1) You think you’re smarter than me, don’t you? 2)Oh not by much.

1)It comes with 6 months paid leave. 2)We’ll take it.

1.My name is Muerte…means Death! 2. Morty…

1: you have a beautiful baby. Boy, or girl?
2: Gosh, i hope so.

a) Don’t make any sudden moves. b) Why not? Is there a bee on me? c) I don’t see one. a) I want you to get up from the table very, very slowly. b) Very, very, not just very?

a) Honey, do the oysters come with guns?

Coffee… tea… no, no, i’m fine.

He’s eating my shoe!

I say your FBI
Good say it

I’m an electrolux salesman. I don’t know what brand of vaccumm cleaner you’re currently using, but the electrolux is the biggest sucker of them all.

Jane Blue: You brought our baby into a knife fight?
Jeff Blue: It was a fair fight. Two of them, two of us…

My name is Muerte! It means death!

My Name is Muerte’ As in Death

See mommy picking the big lock? Someday, when you’re a big girl, she’ll teach you how to pick locks. Of course, she may still be picking *this* one.

See mummy picking the big lock? One day she’ll teach you how to do that. That is, ofcourse, if she still isn’t picking this one.

We’ll need the usual toys.

You should have seen these guys, complete amateurs. Biggest risk was I’d fall down laughing and hurt myself.

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