Movie Quotes from Under the Tuscan Sun: Quotes from the movie Under the Tuscan Sun

1)you’re eyes…i just want to swim in them 2)(laughing) i’m sorry, that’s just the kind of thing that american women think italian men say

and what does that make me? saint frances, patron saint of horny teenagers!

Can you *69 Italy???

Come everyone! Follow the Flower!

Frances: [in voiceover] Every day I watch for the old man with the flowers, and I wonder, was he born here? Did he love someone here? Did he lose someone here? He doesn’t seem as curious about me, but that’s all right. These days I’m something of a loner myself.

hot water in the toilet bowl? is that bad? not if you wanna give ur butt a facial!

I would like to give you this brownie. It comes in peace.

I’ve never been in love before.

Katherine: Regrets are a waste of time. They’re the past crippling you in the present.

Ladybugs Katherine… lots and lots of ladybugs

Life offers you a thousand chances … all you have to do is take one.

My inner voice that would be saying ‘what the fuck am I doing on a gay tour of Tuscany?!’

Patti: Think of your inner voice…Frances: Inner voice…saying ‘What the fuck am I doing on a gay tour of Tuscany?’

Regrets are a waste of time. They’re just the past crippling you in the present

Regrets are a waste of time. They’re the past crippling you in the present

Remember at the end when another man left her in the most terrible way. She thinks it’s all over for her. Then, she see’s some children playing in the street making music, and before she knows it, she’s smiling again. That’s what feyfey always said.. no matter what happens, always keep your childish innocence…it’s the most important thing.

Saturday night is the loneliest night in the week.

They built tracks over the Alps to connect Venice and Vienna they built the track before there was even a train in existence that could make the trip… they built the tracks because they knew the train would come.

They’re creepy. Creepy Italian trees.

Unthinkably good things can happen… even late in the game… it’s such a surprise

What is it about love that makes us so….stupid?

You are my imagination come to life

You have to live spherically, in many directions. Never lose your childish enthusiasm…and…things will come your way.

You know when you see one of those empty shell people and you think, what the hell happened to them?

you were doing it in my bed! i don’t even do it in my bed!

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