Movie Quotes from Twin Town: Quotes from the movie Twin Town

Dуℓαи Tнσмαs Cαℓℓє∂ Sωαиsєα… Aи Ugℓу, Lσνєℓу Tσωи ..I’∂ Cαℓℓ Iт… A Pяєтту Sнιтту Cιту

(Ivor: I think I’ll have the twenty again)
(Woman: Hand relief top exposed, tits and hand shandies ufe, righto then Ivor, Bon voyage. Is that hittin the spot)
(Ivor: Oh yea)

1:) I was born….2:) Where was you born? 1:) Under a Swansea star

Adie, driving cars that don’t belong to them, at 90 miles an hour, on the wrong side of the road, is just starting to take the fucking piss!

cup of tea boys?
its not a cup of tea they needs, its a good fucking hiding
ask em who was kind enough to lend them the two tone BMW
fuck off you nosey bitch!

Fattys leg fucking fucked

Glynn: But yourselves a nice tin of sticky-sticky and fuck off back to Noddy land!

Glynn: Sorry boys. Me 15, you two nine!

Glynn: What are you talking about?

Terry: The fucking class A narcotics!

I built this club up from nothing, and i fucking loves it!

Man: Fantastic car Jeremy, look at the dash board on that
Woman: Company car is it?
Jeremy: Aye, probly

only fucking hot dog it is then boy bach

Parole Officer: So boys, tell me about the Cosworth.

Twins: Kabberdeelah, kabberdeelah, oh yeah, oh yeah!

Parole Officer: Say that in court and they’ll be pissing themselves in the aisle.

Twins: (Laughing) Yeah

The bath is for washing in! not for you two to make a fuckin bong!

The way of the Transgresser is fucking hard.

Who said that?

I fucking did!

theres a party tonight at the PONDAROSA and you 2 are fucking invited

This glue is for sticking my model aeroplanes together, not sticking up your noses! Buy your own bloody glue!

Tidy….ring your mother and tell her tidy.

Welsh Man: Hello boys, just a cheese burger, large portion of fries and a diet coke.
Jeremy: We only do fuckin’ hotdogs
Welsh Man: Well fuckin’ hotdog it is the boys bach

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