Movie Quotes from Starting Over: Quotes from the movie Starting Over

(Marilyn)She has nice tits.

(Potter)I left you a note. (Marilyn)How did you sign it? (Potter)Best wishes for your continued success. (pause) It’s a joke!

(Potter)I want to have sex with you. (Marilyn)Gulp! Couldn’t you at least personalize it a little? (Potter)I want to have sex with you, Marilyn.

(Potter)I want us to live together. I want us to get married and have kids. I want us to put our teeth in the same glass at night. I want us to be buried together in a family plot. What do you want? (Marilyn)I want a separate glass for my teeth.

(Potter)You wanna go out tomorrow night? (Marilyn)No! (Potter)Will you stop with that? I just want to go out with someone, a person. (Marilyn)I told you how I feel about it. (Potter)You’re not listening to me. I’m talking no romance. Dinner and drinks. No romance. I’m not going to touch you. I may not even talk to you. (Marilyn)Perfect.

Does anybody have a valium?


I’m no one-nighter.

The thing about love is that you can really make an ass out of yourself.

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