Movie Quotes from Starsky and Hutch: Quotes from the movie Starsky and Hutch

1.It’s 10:00, you’re late as usual. I’ve been here since 8. 2. 8 o’clock? I didn’t know this place was open that early.

#1: Are you crying? #2: No, I’m not a crier. I don’t cry. I work out.



Afternoon delight.

Bacardi Cola – Do It! Do It!


Can’t smile without you.

Crime called in sick, it’s gonna get a late start too.


Don’t give up on us, baby.

Don’t outshine me.


For the record, those are hand towels.(points to his crotch) The big towels are up there.

For your information, my hair is naturally curly

Give Finkle some dinkle… Do it! Do it!

Good, cause I’ll take anything.

Hutch- Im Kansas and this is my friend Toto

Hutch: Are you crying? Starsky: No, I’m not crying. You’re crying. Hutch: You’re crying! Starsky: I don’t cry, I work out.

Hutch: I found a wallet…nothing in it.

Hutch:Im sorry, but did you just tough talk a dead body?

I know some people who know some people

I like your style.
I like your moves.

I need to see your belly-button…..Oh yeah, it’s just like mine, but I have a little bit more brown sugar.

I’m a ramblin’ man.

I’ve always had a thing for blondes.

It has everything to do about anything. Just answer the question.

It’s not a boat; it’s a yacht.

its not a boy

Just go to sleep my Tiny Dancer

Keep it safe, keep it sexy.

Look fuzz i gotz to Buzz

Love will keep us together.

Nice plan?


Now can you explain that little dwarf that was throwing knives at us?

Now I need to see two dragons!

Now I’m not gonna lie.. it’s gonna a little wierd. Two dragons.

Plant one on my cheek. Do it! Do it!

Right back where we started from.

Send in the clowns.

Starsky is bored…

Starsky: Come on cap, don’t drag Hutch into this. I shot the pony.

Starsky: What kind of a loser said that?
Hutch: I think it was God.

That’s the way I like it.

The punishment doesn’t fit the crime.

There’re rules. You never bang on the hood. You will never under any circumstances drive. And you will certainly never put your coffee mug on the roof of the car. Okay? In fact, no coffee inside the car whatsoever.

This car doesn’t come out until next year, but i know some people who know some people who robbed some people. ~Huggy Bear~

This goes for all y’all: dont pretend to be someone you’re not. Just be who you are. Thats whats REALLY cool…

This is my neighborhood.

This is Zebra-3. We’re on it.

Those Gentlemen you speak of? They’ll no longer be a problem.
Thank you Huggy, you are great man.
Be gone, little Indian.

Throw more knives…All the time.

to make mistakes is human, to forgive is divine

We were robbed.

We’ve only just begun.

When you cross the line.. your nuts are mine!

Whipers to friend* ive never dated a cop before* My horiscope said i chould try nes things today!

Why don’t you go get a another perm and let the grown ups talk

Why go to the starting line when you can go to the finish?

Will Ferrell: Real quick, what are you wearing?

You stole my voice!!?

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