Movie Quotes from Speechless: Quotes from the movie Speechless

1/_ You have nice feet
2/_ Well, you know, I work out

1/_Shall we speak the unspoken language of love?
2/_You mean the kind only dogs can hear?
1/_Yes, the very same.

1/_We are obviously not communicating so I will keep this simple, in short syllables… I, me, the person standing in front of you, I do not, NOT, the international symbol for NO, I do NOT want you to come near me again!!!
2/_Hey, hey, hey wait a minute, wait a minute!… so are we still on for midnight??

1/_What’s that on your eye, is that a hickey?
2/_Yes, yes it’s a hickey

But a female reporter could stop herself by being compromised, by not flirting, y’know, not sniffing around like a cat in heat

I, being the person standing in front of you, I do not, the international symbol for no, I do not want you to come near me again.

The people who’ll do anything to win will do anything to keep on winning.

The white bull. That’s what Hemingway called the blank page. Every day the writer has to look that bull right between the eyes, with those dreaded words still looming – deadline, deadline, deadline.

[Tagline] There are two sides to every relationship… Don’t trust either of them

[tagline]__Once in a lifetime you find that perfect, unexpected, irresistable enemy.

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