Movie Quotes from Space Cowboys: Quotes from the movie Space Cowboys

–You always have to push things to their limit, don’t you?
–That’s what I do best, Frank.

…and I hold in my hand a directive from the Office of the President of the United States of America. It reads: Effective immediately, the Air Force’s formal involvement in outer atmosphere testing and exploration is hereby terminated. A new civilian agency, the National Aeronautics and Space Administration, is this day chartered. Project Daedalus is now complete and designated Mission Accomplished.

…Hell yes, or we’ll be the first country in the history of manned space flight to launch four dead bodies into orbit.

1) I’ll put you in the hospital old man
2) Well, I got medicare. Shoot your best shot

1) We’re not generals.
2) I’m just saying it like it ought to be.

1) What are you doing here?
2) Filling a promise I made 40 years ago.
1) Was that the promise you made to kill me or was that the promise you made to have both my legs broke?

1/_How old are you, Frank?
2/_Old enough to know your ass is in a sling, Bob

Abort activity! I said abort activity now!

Actually, I was just saying Alan Shepard’s prayer: Oh lord, please do not let us screw up.

Alright cowboys, let’s round em’ up. We’ve got work to do.

And you still drive slower than a little old lady on her way to the church house, too.

Bing! 110,000th floor, ladies lingerie.

Clock’s ticking, Bob. And I’m only getting older.

Crazy son-of-a-bitch almost landed like a bug on a windshield.

Does that look like a communications satellite?

Exactly what kind of modifications has your team made?

Hard to believe that you fellas only have one bird up there.

Have you noticed how everybody seems to be dead lately?

Help! Oh, help! I’m locked in the garage with a dirty old man.

Holy cow Frank. This is some piece of junk.

I am reciting Shepard’s prayer; Alan Shepard’s Prayer, ‘Oh Lord, please don’t let us screw up!’ Amen.

I can’t fill up a space shuttle with geriatrics!

I drink this stuff…it’s good for the libido.

I was just reciting the Shepherd’s Prayer – Alan Shepard’s prayer: Oh, Lord, please don’t let us screw up.

I’m an engineer. I stopped running when Nixon was president!

No matter what age a man is, they never change.

Notice how everybody seem to be dead lately?

Now, you all have military backgrounds…North or South?

Ok. now i am going to go back to my room and cry.

Once upon a time, four of the best pilots in the U.S. Air Force trained to fly into space. And they flew at the speed of sound at the very top of the sky, cheating death and free-falling from 20 miles high.

Sara, you’re one hell of an engineer, but you know, you don’t know jack shit about politics.

Space will never be the same

SR71, this is what an airplane is supposed to be. She’s ugly on the ground, leaks like a sieve, but up around Mach 1, the seals all expand, she dries up, leans into the wind and flies like a bat out of hell. I took her right to the limit, 128,000 feet.

That’s a damn good cup of coffee Bob

The love of my life rolling down the bluff in a fiberglass shithouse; it’s very, very sad.

There is no flaw. How it got on a Soviet satellite in the middle of the Cold War, that’s the only flaw I know of.

Turn the damn rador off. It’s painting us as a bogey. It thinks we’re a bogey.

Well you picked a hell of a time for a confession general.

Well, thanks for that, Frank. We hadn’t talked in 12 years and that’s pretty much been the big question on my mind, what could make you commit suicide.

What is a pancreas, anyhow? I mean, I don’t know what the damn thing does for you, besides give you cancer.

What the hell’s my guidance system doing in a Russian satellite?

You and Frank Corvin are going to put me in the loony bin.

You know what the worst day in my life was? It was the day I met you and you put the idea in my head I could pilot a ship in space.

You’re a damned fine politician, Bob, but you don’t know jack shit about engineering.

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