Movie Quotes from Southern Comfort: Quotes from the movie Southern Comfort

1: Goddamn it, where’s the highway? It’s been hours.
2: Probably right up ahead here. Can’t be too far.
1: Yeah, right. Used to run right through here. Those ecology boys must have moved it.

1: Well, tell me, how you like being in the Louisiana National Guard all of a sudden.
2: I don’t, but then I didn’t much like being in the Texas Guard either.

1: Why are we following this dumb bastard?
2: Because he’s got stripes.

All right. For those of you who are interested, we’re going on an overnight recon and patrol.

Civilian in peace. Soldier in war.

Down here in Louisiana when we don’t carry guns we carry ropes.

Four of them with automatic rifles against some swamp rat? I make it
even money.

Four of them with automatic weapons against some swamp rat. I make it even money.

I am the Guard.

If I was you all, I’d quit asking questions and haul ass. For my buddies, they’re not nice like me.

It’s all set. Noleen and her bayou queens. Just a little something for morale. And let me add, Sergeant, that these women are expecting some, uh, small unit military penetration.

Its colder than a witches tit and this sombitch weighs a ton.

Jesus! they dug them up, They dug them all up!

No way! Right now I’m locked and loaded down incase I meet up with them sons of bitches who shot pool.

RC Colas and Moonpies. We ain’t too smart, but we have a good time.

Stuckey, you were sure one dumb son of a bitch firing that machine gun.

They’re just Louisiana versions of the same dumb rednecks I’ve been around my whole life.

Why don’t you try talking to him before you start blowing his head off?

Why don’t you try talking to him before you start blowing his off?

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