Movie Quotes from Space Jam: Quotes from the movie Space Jam

#1-Here’s how I see it, Duck you kick it into the girl bunny down in the post dish it back out to the guy bunny.. you swing it around to Mike.. and you take it to the hole.. #2-BILL #1-and dominate! #2-we on defense! All-Oh yeah. #1-Whoa I don’t play defense. #2-Typical.

#1-Listen it’s a mans game and you can’t play. #2-What if I tried really hard? #3-Can you keep it down I’m trying to hit this ball. #2-It’s because I’m white isn’t it? #1-No, Larry’s white so what. #2-Larry isn’t white Larry’s clear.

1. But i’m a baseball player now! 2. Right, am i’m a Shakesperean actor

1.) Look it’s basketball!
2.) Cool, now what?

Alien: You! All of you are now our prisoners!
*Awkward silence* then loads of laughter

He’s fixing a divet!

Larry’s not white, Larry’s clear.

Larry’s not white. Larry’s clear.

let’s play osme basketball

let’s play some basketball

Lola: Don’t ever call me, Doll.


One small step for mwa, one giant leap for moron mountain and one whopper headache for Elmer Fudd.

Stan:I may not be very tall,but I’m slow.Sylvester:And LARGE!Daffy:And a dork.

That is the last time I’m ever babysitting dogs for children!

The customer is always right.

The girl’s got some skills

Whoa, stop this c-c-cartoon, we got a union character m-m-meeting to g-go to. Wait for m- wait for m-uh, hold your horses!

yes! my first hole in one!

You heard of the dreamteam, well we’re the meanteam!

[Bugs and Daffy have reached Michael’s house.]
Bugs: Let’s go in this way.
Daffy: I say let’s go in…THAT way.
Bugs: He just never ”loins.”

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