Movie Quotes from Soapdish: Quotes from the movie Soapdish

1) You know, you have beautiful eyes. 2) Oh, you should see my tits.

1) David! David, David, David, David! Can you please tell our new costume designer… 2) Tawny Miller 1)Hi how d’ya do, that I don’t quite feel right in a turban? What I feel like is Gloria fuckin Swanson! Am I 70 David? Am I 70? Why don’t you just buy a walker. Buy a god damn walker and put me in it!

1) Why are you here? 2)I live here, why are YOU here?

1) Yummy…. 2) With a spoon

1. Bitch 2. Hag 3. I hate her so much.

1. Five minutes Mr. Loehman. 2. Stop calling me Mr. Loehman! My name is Anderson, Anderson, Anderson!

1. Hi. My name’s Lorie Craven. I’m an actress. 2. Oh really? How nice. I’m Betsy Faye Sharon and I’m a bitch. Now get out.

1. She’s a boy! 2. Yeah, well we knew that.

1. She’s got a lot of spark. 2. She’s a deranged bitch. 1. I couldn’t agree more.

1. What’s that in your mouth? 2. A cigarette. 1. I know it’s a cigarrete. Why is it in your mouth. You don’t smoke. 2. I DO NOW!

1.) Are you eating lunch here? 2.) I will if it’s that sample. heh, er uh, I wish it was that simple.

1.You can’t! You can’t kiss her!
2. Why not? Because she’s YOUR neice?
1. No you idiot! Because she’s my daughter! And your daughter.

Are you insane?! You know the word on the floor is that you are like crazed today.

Before she came to our little clinic she vas… Milton Moorehead of Siacetes, Long Island. Hello!

Before this, she vas…Milton Moorehead. Of Syosset, Long Island.

Don’t always love me in Canada
God what an awful picture!

Finally! Drama!

Get rid of her and Mr. Fuzzy is yours.

hasn’t this guy ever heard of contact lenses?

He broke up with me on the machine! On the machine, Rose! On the machine!

How am I supposed to write for a guy that doesn’t have a head?

I admit it! I’m guilty! Guilty of love- in the first degree!

I don’t care what Tawnie says, this hat makes me look like the goddamn Tweety Bird!

I realize that I am no longer a young woman, but would you please tell our new wardrobe mistress, whose name I haven’t quite got yet that I don’t feel quite right in a turban? What I feel like is Gloria fucking Swanson !!

I was in hell consigned there by YOU!

It’s depressing and it’s expensive- two words I hate. I like the words peppy and cheap. Peppy and cheap.

It’s the last stages of brain fevor. She could blow at any moment!

man: …a severe case of brake fluid… bran fluid… bran flavor.
woman: brain fever!
man: yes. Brain fever. It’s a dreadful, dreadful thug, I mean, thing.

Rose, don’t hover. Come in or get out.

She’s my Daughter! And you’re her father!

This is it. This is what I told them to do. This is a soap opera.

You know I’d think you were acting, but you’ve never been this good.

You wanna know about my childhood? I had no friends. I wore too much make-up. All the kids around me thought I was evil.

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