Movie Quotes from Soldier: Quotes from the movie Soldier

1. Don’t you feel anything? 2. Fear. Fear and discipline.

1/_How do you know they’ll be back?
2/_Because they’re soldiers, sir… like me
1/_Why are they doing this?
2/_They’re obeying orders, sir, it’s their duty

1/_One soldier against seventeen. What are you going to do?
2/_I’m going to kill them all, sir

1/_Sgt. Todd?… what’s it like being a soldier? What do you think about? …..You must think about something? ….What about feelings then? You must feel something? [long pause]
2/_Fear and discipline

I’m going to kill them all sir.

My daddy always said, When you want to hammer a nail, don’t do nothin’ fancy. Just get a hammer and pound the son of a bitch ’til the nail’s in

My daddy was in maintenance and he had a saying, he used to say, If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it

Soldiers deserve soldiers, sir

Soldiers deserve soldiers, sir.

This man has no depth perception. All he can do is walk point and take the first bullet.

What are you going to do ? I’m going to kill them all!

Your men are obsolete.

Your men, are obsolete.

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