Movie Quotes from Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs: Quotes from the movie Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs

… and you must be Grumpy

…Must be seven little children! And from the look of this table, seven untidy little children!

1) Hah! We know who we are! Ask her who she is! What she’s a-doing here! 2) Yeah! What are you and who are you doing? Uh-What are you–Uh, who are you, my dear?

1) Mark my words, dere’s trouble a-brewing! I been feelin’ it all day; mah corns hurt.

1) Oh, how silly of me! I’m Snow White. 2) Snow White? The Princess? 1) Yes! 2) Heh, w-well my-my dear Quincess–uh duh–Princess. We’re .. uh, we’re honored, we’re, uh, we’re uh … 3) –Mad as hornets! 2) Mad as hornets! No! No-no, we’re not– we’re bad as cornets–no, as bad as uh–what was I saying?! 3) Nothing! Just standing there sputtering like a doodlebug! 2) Who-who’s spudderin like a sqoodledug? Who-uh-duh-uh — 3) OH SHUT UP, and tell her to get out!

1.) ask her who she is.. and what she is doing here..
2.) what are you and who are you doing here?

1.) ask her who she is.. and what she wants..
2.) what are you and who are you doing here?

Ah-ah-ah! Not under the rug!

Ha! Mush!

Heigh ho.

i am gay

I chased a polecat up a tree way out upon a limb and when he got the best of me I got the worst of him

I like to dance and tap my feet but they won’t keep in rhythm, you see I washed them both today and I can’t do nothing with them.

I’m wishing.

Isn’t this a silly song?

Jiminy Crickets!

Mirror Mirror on the wall whos the fairest of them all?

Oh you must be Grumpy

Oh. ‘Recently.’ Let me see your hands.

One song.

Slave in the magic mirror,come from the farthest space, Through wind and darkness I summon thee.

Snow White, she use to be snow white, she met a sailor, then she drifted.

Some day my prince will come.

Someday my prince will come.

What are you and who are you doing here?

Whistle while you work.

With a smile and a song.

{ The Queen asks the magic mirror}
Queen: Magic Mirror on the wall who now is the fairest of them all.
Magic Mirror: Over the seven jewelled hills beyond the seventh falls in the cottage of the seven dwarfs dwells snow white fairest of us all.
Queen: Snow white lies dead in the forest the huntsman has brought me proof behold her heart { shows the magic mirror a small box}
Mirror: Snow white still lives fairest in the land its a heart of a pig you hold in your hand.
Queen: A heart of a pig then ive been tricked {goes down a flight of stairs}.
A heart of a pig blundering fool{throws the box on the floor} i’ll go my self to lost cottage in a disguise that no one would ever suspect now to find a spell to transform my beauty into uglness change my pretty ramon to a pedlers clock Mummy dust to make me old to shroud my clothes to the black of night(put a drop in a glass) to age my voice an old hugs cackle to whiten my hair a scream of fright ohohohoh a blast of ruin to furm away a thunder bolt to mix it well now begin my magic spell. {then the Queen drinks the portion and starts transforming into an old lady).
Look my hands , my voice er my voice ha ha ha a perfect disguise ha ha ha {caclking}
and now a special death for one so fair AH a poisoned apple slepping death one taste of the poision apple and the victims eyes will close forever in the sleeeping death.
Dip the apple in the brew let the slepping death seep through(the poison on the apple turns into a skull} look on the skin the symbol of what lies within now turn red to temp snow white to make her hunger for a bite ha ha ha {offering to the raven) have a bite its not for you its for snow white when she breaks the tender peel to taste the apple in her hand her breath will still her blood congeal then ill be fairest in the land hahaha but wait they may be an antidote nothing must go wrong AH here it is victim of sleeping death can only revived
only by loves first kiss loves first kiss {closes the book

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