Movie Quotes from Short Circuit 2: Quotes from the movie Short Circuit 2

Derf, why did racso try to disassemble Johnny Five?

*angry voice* Sure! Kidnap the humans! DESTROY THE MACHINE!

1) am not human, but am a lifeform! have soul! Let’s party!
2) What are you doing? You’re not even in top form! I mean, these are serious guys!
1) I am ok, just a few b-bugs bunny to work out, in, out. Perfectly functionality, FUNCTIONALITY!
2) Sure, sure, just listen to yourself! You can’t even talk straight!
1) Derf, a lifeform’s gotta do, what a lifeform’s gotta do! stand aside!

Bye bye love.

Derf, why did racso try to disassemble Johnny Five?

Do not disassemble

Dont worry my cousin was a
harley davidson

DOO WAH DIDDY!!!….what the hell’s a doo-wah-diddy?

Ewscray ouyay, ozzobay

Fuck you Oscar

He did not crush, dent, smash, mangle you?!

Hey you! Heeeeeeere’s Johnny!

Holding out for a hero.

I am in city? I was not told I was in city!

I heard it through the grapevine.

Keep that power running, or I will beat the living headlights out of you!

Nos locos kick your ass, nos locos kick your face, nos locos kick your balls into outer space.

Oh no, battery fluid…he’s bleeding to death!

Oscar, you will NOT get away!! I am REALLY PISSED OFF!!!

quick….quick….quick….like a bunny

Su madre se acuesta con mi perro.

to be a hero I got be strong i got be be stong

Whoa! Major input! Be right back after these words! Input! Input! Input!

Wow… Megabites of input! just like Montana except… vertical!

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