Movie Quotes from Shot in the Dark, A: Quotes from the movie Shot in the Dark, A

–And..there were your fingerprints!
–Well, why not? It’s my house. I’ve often been in that closet.
–For what reason?
–Last time was moths.
–Yes, meuths.

–He beat her.
–He was Spanish!
–He tore her dress off.
–Would you kill someone who tore your dress off?

–I am here on official business and I am looking for someone in the
recreation area.
–Not unless you take off your clothes.
–You, sir, are under arrest.
–Arrest? What for?
–For making lewd and suggestive remarks to an official of the French
–Lewd and suggestive remarks?
–Also for indecent exposure. Doesn’t anyone wear any clothes around here?
–This is a nudist colony.

–Is that right, Maria, that you were complaining about these meuths?
–Yes, I did complain about moths.
–Oh, you mean meuths.

–Well…that just goes to prove what I have said all along.
–What you’ve said, Clouseau, qualifies you as the greatest prophet
since Custer said he was going to surround all those Indians!

–What about the maid?
–The maid?
–Was he jealous of her too? He strangled her.
–It is possible that his intended victim was a man and that he made
a mistake.
–Mistake? In a nudist camp?

–You can have one of my cigarettes.
–Oh, thank you.
–You have it backwards.
–Oh…It tastes very bad that way.

1. Call a doctor 2. Are you sick sir? 1. No, I’ve seemed to have stabbed myself with the letter opener.

And I submit, Inspector Ballon, that you arrived home, found Miguel
with Maria Gambrelli, and killed him in a rit of fealous jage!

Facts, Hercule. Facts! Nothing matters but the facts. Without them the science of criminal investigation is nothing more than a
guessing game.

Give me ten men like Clouseau and I could destroy the world.

I’m just wild about Harry.

Tell me, why do so many men smoke afterwards? No wonder tobacco
companies get rich.

You are forgetting the most important fact…motive.

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