Movie Quotes from Shanghai Knights: Quotes from the movie Shanghai Knights

(1)My father’s been killed.
(2)Chon, I’m… You need the money to get back for the funeral?
(1)No, I must go to England. The ship leaves tonight.
(2)Your father died in England?
(1)China. My sister followed the murderer to London.
(2)Wait. Murderer. I’m a little bit mixed up. Let me see if I can get the facts straight. You have a sister?

(1)Reach for the sky, Roy.
(2)Say that again.
(1)Reach for the sky, Roy.
(2)Chon Wang!

(1)What about the Shanghai Kid?
(2)Oh, he was captured on page 10 while he was polishing Roy’s pearl handles.

(1)You’re looking at the future king of England.
(2)You’re like, 20th in line to the throne.

(1)You’re Roy O’Bannon?
(1)The famous Western folk hero?
(2)Have you heard of me?
(1)Have I heard of you? I’ve only read -Roy O’Bannon vs. The Mummy- five times. It’s fascinating.
(2)I want you to meet the Shanghai Kid.
(1)Oh yes. the faithful Chinese sidekick.

(roy is drowing) just drown me i dont care anymore)

roy plunges int o the water
were have you been i was buisy well hurry up patience roy tell that to the eel thats swimming in my pants

A bloody catapult. Jesus Christ!

And just to set the record straight, Roy O’Bannon is not attracted to loose women. Loose women are attracted to me.

Bloody tourists!!!

Bob your head a little bit. Gives you more of a India-royalty flavor.

Can I get you anything? -Yeah, a whole lotta LEAVE ME ALONE!

CHON: My father was the guardian of the Imperial Seal.
ROY: Thta’s what I like about China, everyone’s occupation sounds so cool!

CW: You Know what I call him? Roy O Bologna!

get out the way bizatch get out the way

hey wrathbone, i got a title for my new novel; Roy O’Bannon vs. Little Lord Sissy

Hey, you lost one war this way. Don’t make the same mistake twice.

Hey,I can see our hotel from here!

I call that my kung pow chicken.

I can already see the headlines: Nation mourns as Loony Lin massacres royal family.

i want your johnson

I’m a bat out of hell!

I’m a thirty year old waiter/gigilo. Where’s the future in that?

I’m getting ready to launch a little thing called Operation-Sweep-Her-Off-Her-Feet.

I’m gonna die! I’m on a minute hand! My life is flashing before my eyes…I don’t remember her!

im am roy baloni yes you arrr

im sage mcclasiter i sold a million coppies and it was 2nd to the bible that year

john i have a confesion to makeu arr in love with my sister well that but i didnt blow all the mony on zeplins

johnny chapley (the kid with long hair) what tha
im gonna break your neck

jon wayne friends to the end and this is the end

May I present Major General Sherlock Holmes and His Highness, the maharaja of Nevada.

My whole life is flashing before my eyes…I don’t remember her…

No talking about me in your native tongue.

Perhaps my friend would like some spotted dick.

Quit going all Chinese on me. Remember the puzzle box? Patience. Patience.

roy if you break her hart i brake your leg

fair deal

roy is hanging from the clock go ahead england throw anything you want at me your ugly women your spotted dick!

Roy: Besides, I hear London is Ass Soup. A lot of pretty girls there

Roy: Doghouse. I’m in the Doghouse

Spotted dick!

Spotted Dick.

That’s a terrible name for a detective. Sherlock Holmes?

This country blows.

This isn’t Chinatown.

what happened? wrathbone got nevlin with a little sissy gun!

what happened? Wrathbone got Nevlin with a little sissy gun!!

What in our history together makes you think I’m even capable of something like that?

Who loves you, baby?

You think some tea-drinking psycho can take out Roy O’Bannon?

You’re dead to me. I don’t know a Chon Wang.

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