Movie Quotes from Shane: Quotes from the movie Shane

(Grafton)They said they would pay for the damage. The Rykers are dead, Shane took off and Stark doen’t have 2 knickels. So now I’m out $250.

(Joey)Shane, what would you do it cought them cutting the fence?
(Shane)Why I’d ask them to go around and use the gate.

(Rancher)I like Stark, but I’ll kill him if I have too. (Gunslinger) You mean I’ll kill him if you have too.

(S)I’m here for you offer Riker.
(R)I ain’t dealer with you Shane.
(S)Your dealen with me. What’s your offer.

(Shane)Bartender, set’u up. Two wiskeys. You got me a drink the last time I was here. (Calaway)You ain’t drinken that in here. (Shane) you guessed it! One drink to his shirt then one drink to his face then a good right cross – KAPOW!

(Shane)Joey you grow up to be strong and straight. Now go home, and tell you mother, there are no more guns in the vally.
(Joey)Does that mean that the gay and by aliance can hold its meetings at Graftons now?

(Shane)The trouble with you is you’ve lived to long. Your days are over.
(Riker)ME. What about you gunfighter. I guess will just turn in our guns and starte turnen spuds.
(S)The difference is, I know it.

(Stark)Had a man here once. The Rykers rought him up and he lit out.

*I’ll leave if you put that gun down.
*What differents does that make.
*I’d like it to be my idea.

*So, they call you Stonewall.
+What about it?
*I’m sayen you’r trashhh. Just like the other Stonewall… and Leeeeee…and all the rest of that rebel trashhhh.
+Ya a low down yankee lier!
*Prove it!

*Wait a minute. You may have a friend here you don’t know you have. I’ll double what Stark is paying you. (Shane)No deal. I’m working for Stark. *What it is with you Shane? OH, I see, Stark has a pretty wife. (Shane)Why you dirty old man…. It’s not his wife…. it’s… his boy!

*Who are you stranger?
*I’m a friend of starks.

1.Lets see, 2 shirts, the pants & 10 cents for the belt. Son, you owe me $2 and 2 bits.
2.What’s the matter? You look like your’ve seen a ghost.
(Shane)It’s been a long time since I got store bought cloths.
2.Money don’t as far as it use to.

>Brother Ruf wants to talk to you. He knows you are a resonable man.
>I always thought I was a resonable man.
>He’s waiten for ya at Graftons.

>Got any soda pop?
>Ya, in the bar. I wish more men around here would drink it.

>I like to introduce Shane.
>Ya I head about you. You was in Graftons today.
>Caloway was braggin he put the run on a sodbuster.
>Ya can’t count on him.

A gun is a tool, Marion, like a shovel, an ax, anything. A gun is as good or as bad as the man using it.

A man has to be what he is, Joey.

Bye, little Joe.

Call me Shane.

Don’t push it Calaway.

Guns arn’t going to be a part of my son’s life. (Shane)What are you doing, rasing a little fag?

I got to be going on.

Look here, he’s not armed. *This ain’t a gun fight!*

my favourite wrestler cried to this movie

OK, I’ll pass the word about the meeting. But this better come to something besides poken holes in the air.

One less sodbuster.

One place or another. Some place I’ve never been.

prove it

Prove it.

Put a man on a good horse. Send he to Cheyenne for help. The next time we fight with them, the air will be full of gunsmoke.

Shane come back!
Come back Shane!


Shane:I’ve heard about you Wilson.
Wilson:What have you heard?
Shane: I’ve heard you’re a damn yankee liar!
Wilson:Prove it.
(All hell breaks loose).

Stark after seeing Wilson the gunfighter for the first time: What do you make of him Shane? Shane: He’s no cowpuncher!

They call him sodee POP.

This IS bad.
I tink ve better go now.

This is my kind of game, Joe.

While Ryker & Stark are talking, Shane takes a drink at the water bucket. Wilson, eyeing him up carefully the whole time, dismounts slowly, drinks from the same dipper, then slowly remounts. One of the coolest conversations in movies & without a spoken word.

Why don’t we just get on with it. Gun one of um and the rest will stamped.

Why I’ll strap on my .38 and go to town anytime I want. Knowone is going to buffalo me.

Will you teach me to shoot? I’ll bet you can shoot.
(Shane) A bit.

you bought me a drink last time i was in here. now i’m going to buy you one.

you talkin’ to me?

You work for one of the homesteaders…or are you just SQUATT’N on the range?

Your going to have to be out of here before the snow flies.

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