Movie Quotes from Radio: Quotes from the movie Radio

There, ya ball !

*looks into ball on Christmas Tree*
That’s a big Radio, Ms. Jones. Big Radio.

–You want strawberry pie or apple pie?
–I want both!

-Coach, you reckon these are the boys that are gonna take us back to state? -If I was to tell you that, y’all wouldn’t have anything to talk about.

1)This is Radio. What pants do I put on? 2)Just grab something… 1)How ’bout this one? (holds pants up to the phone) 3)Those look fine Radio. 1) Okay!

A Lot Of Things Are Right, Dont Mean We Always Do Them.

But the truth is, we’re not the ones that been teaching Radio. Radio’s the one that’s been teaching us.

He goes by Radio.

He treats us all the time like we wish we treated each other only half the time.

He’s just like everybody else, just a little slower than most.

Hey Coach! He took our ball!

Hey, Coach! He took our ball!

It’s never a mistake to care for somebody.

It’s never a mistake to care for someone. That’s always a good thing!

Morning Hanna. You know who this is? This Radio. On Today’s Menu we gonn have friend chicken, mmmm, mashed taters, black-eyed peas, ummm i like them black-eyed peas, and ….. what….and pear halves.

Nothing more is going to happen, son. I promise.

Radio, did you have a good Christmas ? Yeah….Coach Jones bailed me out of jail !

See the young man over there? He goes by Radio. He’s gonna be helping us out for awhile.

Some folks, they just don’t understand you. But they gonna catch on, believe me.

That’s a good one coach! That’s a good one!

That’s a good one!

We do things as a team, gentlemen.

You got yourself a distraction that needs dealing with.

You take him out of this school, you might as well just take his life from him.

You’re a better man than I am, Radio.

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