Movie Quotes from Rad: Quotes from the movie Rad

#1) Did you give Christian a little, A.A.?
#2) A.A.?
#3) Yeah, Attitude Adjustment.

#1) Hey, we’re going ass-sliding, wanna come?
#2) Ass-sliding with you guys? I wanna save my ass-sliding for someone special
#1) Who? Katie?
#2) Well, maybe.

#1) How was it?
#2) So easy, it was a joke.

#1) I know that kid.
#2) Which one?
#1) The one in the red.
#2) Oh, you don’t know him.
#1) Yeah I do, I work with that guy.
#2) Really?
#1) Yeah. Cru’s my buddy. (steals popcorn)

#1) Who’s that kid?
#2) I don’t know.
#1) Well, what factory is he with?
#2) I don’t know.
#1) What do you mean you don’t know, it’s your job to know. Find out!

#1) You know, it is really pretty. I hope Bart likes it.
#2) You’ve got to be kidding.
#1) Don’t worry I am. Let’s get outta here.




1) Well you little shit, I’ve been here killing myself for two hours. Where the hell have you been? 2) Brushing my teeth, can I borrow your headphones?

1)Big town were rolling into here (sarcastic)
2)there are a couple of cute girls
1) probably the only two in town

1.) Hey look there the king and his court (sarcastic) 2.) Ill take the court…both of them 1.)smacks 1. 2.)oooohhheee (head shake) Scary.

1.)You’re late again, Cru.
2.)Oh, I’m sorry Blob, I don’t have a watch.
1.)BOB. The name’s Bob. Not Blob. Smartass.

alright dudes let’s rock this sucker.

And I will put up…ten thousand dollars to anyone who can qualify and run in Helltrack, whether or not he wins Helltrack!

Andy wants to play!!!!!

Besides, if you do make it, and those mattresses are there, they’re just gonna cause you to wipe out.

but when i do, i’ll make it 7:10

Cru Cru, the big shuffy mix guy is outside and he wants to talk to you

Cru’s gonna try and qualify for Hell Track.

Dad always told me, when your gut talks to you, you listen.

Give me a break, Cru, I’m ten years old, and I’m staying.

He’ll get his shot, and at best everyone will know who really is the champ.

Here is Taylor stopping. He wants Cru Jones one on one.

Hey Cru, Go Balls out!

Hey, forget that, what was with that terrorist act back there?

Hey, now that we’re official, think we got room on the Rad team?

How about some applause for our rad dude!

Hulk Hogan, eat your heart out.

I did a couple wrong, so it looks like you did it.

I didnt know i was runnin a racetrack for those funny lookin bikes of yours. Beam me up scottie

I’m beginning to see you as something I might have stepped in, and I don’t like the smell of it.

if someone doesnt see to it that Cru gets this opportunity, well, then, I guess we’ll all just havt to learn to, live with it.

In unison they clear the jumps.

Is there anything that kid can’t do?

It’s going to take a radical miracle to beat this guy…


It’s Sargeant Smith, and he wants to play!

Jones is on. Taylor is safe. The Rettles twins barely make it. And Mike Miranda is out!

Lets walk this sucker!

little miss number one

Loved the stunts my brother did for this movie. Stuntman Jose Yanez did the backflip in this movie.

Mr. Best said that if I rode for him he would make me a star and all this money if I threw the race.

Oh my heart, A BACKFLIP!

Oh, Christopher, that won’t wash with me. Just because he’s dead doesn’t mean anything has changed.

pinata – Toto

te way you ride that bike it’s like it’s natural it took me six months
to learn how to airwalk it only took you one afternoon.

The name’s Bob, not Blob smartarse

The only thing I’m good at is riding this bike. Now I have the chance to be the best, maybe the best in the world. I can take those S.A.T.’s anytime, maybe in six months. But this is the only chance I’ll ever have at this. I started out as one in a thousand. Now I’m one in twenty. Now to give that up, I think that would be very self-destructive.

The paperboy thinks he’s a pro.

The porch! I’ve told ya a million times the porch!

The world would be a lot better off without kids.

This is ass-sliding

Wait! We’re gonna use this and their ten grand to beat them at their own game.

What do mean you don’t know…it’s your job to know.

woohoo gnarley

you have to take what you can get or your screwed.

You know I was wrong about you. Just because everything isn’t going your way you wanna bail! I thought you were a man.

You know, you’re letting your body turn your head. You see if you let your head lead your body will follow naturally.

You waste two cans of beans, you make hot chocolate from river water, and the worst part is, you don’t have any milk. Now tell me, what is hot chocolate without milk?

You’re willing to sacrifice a solid future for a bicycle race. It’s very self-destructive.

Your brother’s nuthin’ next to Bart Taylor.

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