Movie Quotes from Quicksand: Quotes from the movie Quicksand

–Had you studied game theory in school?
–I was sick that day.

Broken hand? Broken nose? The first time I met you, you got shot in the head…I say things are looking up.

He thinks SEC regulations are like bedtime reading.

I got something you want. And I’ll make a deal. It’s quicksand. You’re sinking fast.

I just need to look at your paperwork. Check out your CFO. Take a look at their books.

I lost perspective a long time ago. That’s what all my friends tell me.

I think you’re fired.

I’m being charged with murder and corruption. This is really my idea of holiday, you know what I mean?

It’s a gangland execution.

Not a real film?

They think they’re coming after me. I’m going after them.

We can go RICO and money laundering.

What a mess. Help me clean it up.

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