Movie Quotes from Quiet American, The: Quotes from the movie Quiet American, The

Even an opinion is a form of action.

He wasn’t like those noisy bastards down at the Continetial, he was a quiet American

I can’t say when I fell in love with Vietnam

I offer no point of view, I take no action, I don’t get involved

I should have seen that saving a country, and saving a woman, would be the same thing to a person like Pyle

If I lost her, for me, it would be the beginning of death.

Sooner or later, Mr. Fowler, one has to take sides, if one is to remain human.

The rain, nothing like the filthy rain of London

The smell is the first thing that hits you, it promises everything in return for your soul

then somthing happens, it allways dose

Yes a very quiet American

You could be forgiven for thinking there was no war, that the gunshots were fireworks

You pick up women, like your coat picks up dust

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