Movie Quotes from Q and A: Quotes from the movie Q and A

I almost got mugged on the subway. Where were you pricks when I needed you?

I don’t care if a man is black, white, green or polka-dot or if his family thre him in the garbage at birth or if he started wearing women’s clothes at fourteen. If he breaks the law and it crosses my desk, he pays for it. Do you understand?

I saw him reach. I saw a flash of metal, and in fear of my life, I drew my gun. Popped him and God was with me. I hit him in the head.

I want us to marry. And I’ll sit by your side till you’re ready. If you tell me you’re never ready, well, I’ll just leave right now and never bother you again. Otherwise, I’m here, as long as it takes.

I’m sick a human life was lost.

My father thought the Jesuits were too left-wing.

One word of caution. Do not speak too rapidly.


Shut up, shyster. I’m talkin’ here now, all right?

Tip-toe thru the tulips with me.

What is this, huh, Tuesday? Yeah, must be. Yeah, yeah, you’re crying in your scotch again.

You a detective? You couldn’t find a Jew in Rockaway.

You got a right to remain silent as long as you can stand the pain!

Your father was everything the police department used to be. He was part of a tradition that had been built by our people. A tradition that justified the use of those words: the finest. That’s why I brought you in here. I want to hold on to those values and the people who reflect them. I hope you’ll be one of them.

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