Movie Quotes from Pushing Tin: Quotes from the movie Pushing Tin

1) And when he got cross-checked in the third period,he remembered. He zero’d in on that little puck, and damned near took his head off.
2) I guess thier kid plays hockey.
1) You play sports Russel,
2) I used to bowl when I was an alcaholic,
1) Did it help

1) Hey, you brought your own chair. (looks at feather on his head)Okay lets get you saddled up there.

1) Is this the biggest glass you have? 2) I can go try to find a bucket if you’d like

1) Jump in the River,
2) You want me to jump, Jump in
1) Yes jump,
2) Hey, its too cold for the fish right,
1) If you’d jumped in when I told you, you’d be out by now, okay
2) Okay, im in. Now what has this got to do with my problems.
1) Because you have to be cleansed of your sins, and be born again. That kinda thing.
2) Awww, bullshit, bullshit, bullshit, bullshit. I didn’t come all this way for acute hypothermia. I always suspected it, your nuts riverdance.
1) You want your life back, Do you want your life back,
2) Whats it look like,
1) C-mon,
2) Good, anythings better than that, Where we going,
1) Lets just put it this way. You’d wish like hell you had jumped in the river.

1) Sir the fasten seat belt sign is on you need to sit down 2) Miss I’m a NY air traffic controller and I don’t mean to alarm you but this plane may be in danger 1) What sort of threat is it? 2) not from me the man who’s controlling this plane may be… 1) the captain’s fine 2) oh you think the captain is controlling this plane that would scare me…

1)Captain!!! Captain!!! 2) SIT DOWN 1) I have the proper identification 2) you’ll be subject to arrest!!! 1) I have the proper
ID what do you think this is a video card? there’s an emotionally unstable man on the ground controlling this plane 3) Will you just get the man a drink of water?

1)First of all don’t ever call me at work again. Second, don’t ever go back to Sorentos again do you understand? 2)Fine 1) Now what did you need to see me about? 2)I told Russel 1)You told him what? 2)about us 1) you wha…why did you do that? why would you do something like that? what are you…WHAT ARE YOU FUCKIN NUTS?!?!? Why would you do that. Tell me why you’d do that. Are you sick? 2) Last night was a major moment in our marriage. We reached this level of honesty that we’ve never reached and he shared something that was…unbelieveably personal 1) WHAT?! 2) like I’m gonna tell you…Anyway it was important I shared something with him in return 1) You know I gotta work with this guy? We work together 2) I know its ok he’s not upset 1) HA HA HA HA Yeah right 2) He’s alright about it believe me 1) BULLSHIT!!! Do you understand its never alright I’m a man He’s a man trust me its never alright. ever. EVER. 2) He was actually moved that I was so honest with him. 1) OH Jesus 2)That man is constantly suprising me 1) Maybe its all for the best I mean assuming Russell doesn’t shoot me ya know the eyes I’m going to change because I haven’t been the best husband in the world I know that I’ve acted on the occasional wrong impulse you know I’ve taken the detour and that’s not right 2) I’m way too sober for this 1) *gets out of car and kicks the door*

At least you have the decency to be disgusted with your own behavior.

Get off the rubber – off the rubber!

Go battle evil in Aisle Twelve.

Hangin’ left today, Ed?

He’s got her parents tied up in the basement.

I’m up to my ass in airplanes right now.

It don’t get any greener.

It had to be an opperational error, man!

It’s a time for greatness, men. I’m a restaurant critic for The Times.

It’s got a nice Dorothy Hamill vibe going on over there.

Mary Bell : Are there people who find you charming?
Nick Falzone : Well they pretend, ’cause I try real hard.

Mary Bell: Mr. Falzone, what’s the fewest number of words you can use to get out that door?

My airspace is finite.

Russell Bell: If you ever want to sleep at night, don’t marry a beautiful girl.

The reason I was crying in the supermarket was because I lost a plant today. My fuschia hybridia voodoo died this morning.

When I was young, I laid my share of pipe.

You ain’t seen nothing yet.

You either make it or you don’t.

You know, I’m not really as big a bitch as you think I am.

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