Movie Quotes from Quadrophenia: Quotes from the movie Quadrophenia


Bollocks…fuck off

BOSS: A lot of young men would give their eye teeth for a job like this.
JIMMY: Oh yeah, well find one then.
BOSS: I beg your pardon?
JIMMY: I said find one then. Cause d’you know what you can do with your job? You can take it, and your eye teeth, and your franking machine, and all that other rubbish I have to go about with, and you can shove it. RIGHT UP YOUR ARSE!!

Burn the arse off that rust bucket of yours any day!!

But I don’t wanna be like everybody else! That’s why I’m a mod, see?

D’you want some lacquer on that?
Nah, poofs wear lacquer.

DAD: What time d’you call this?!
JIMMY: Oh I don’t know, I ‘aven’t got a watch!

DAVE!! What ARE you doing!?

don’t matter who you are or where you go. There’s always some cunt with stars and stripes on his arm telling you what to do!!

Fuckin rent a tent innit!!

I fell asleep on the train and ended up in bloody Neisden!

I see you’ve pulled.
I know her!

I’ll pay now if you don’t mind. You haven’t got a pen have you, your honour?

JIMMY: Er, don’t sing any of that old rubbish eh?
KEVIN: That ain’t rubbish pal, that’s Gene Vincent!
JIMMY: Yeah that’s what I said, old rubbish. Oh why don’t you just roll over and do a few underwater farts?
KEVIN: Fuck off.
JIMMY: Yer, fuck off!

KEVIN: What am I, black or summink?
JIMMY: Well you ain’t exactly white in that get up, are ya?

Let’s do the bastard’s motor!!

Oh yeah so what’s normal??


So which one are you, the boy or the girl? It’s hard to tell with you lot innit!!


Watch the cloth moth

We are the mods,We are the mods,We are,We are,We are the mods!

We left before it was light, didn’t we.
What was it like?
Well it was dark wern’t it!

What you doin’?
Well I ain’t goin’ in there wiv me fackin’ parka on, am I?


You don’t work, you don’t get no money. And I like money!

You goin to Brighton this weekend?

You’ve killed me scooter!

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