Movie Quotes from Program, The: Quotes from the movie Program, The

1) Look at me when I’m talkin’ to you poo butt motha fucka. Hey, your the guy that shot my momma arn’t you? 2) Man you know I aint shot your momma. 1) You were trying to steal her car you cocksucker. I got you know boy, and I’m going to bust your gut open and watch you die.

1)We’re gonna ring that bell… We’re gonna ring that championship bell… 2)DING-MOTHER-FUCKING-DONG!!!

A.B.: (sings) Yippie-ki-yi-yo, get along, little dogies…
#75: Shut up, Snowflake! You think you’re on Star Search?!
A.B.: No; we’re runnin’ dogies, and the trail runs right over your ass!

Darnell Jefferson, tailback. Ray Griffin, starting tailback. i know, that’s why they recruited me.

Darnell Jefferson..Tailback Ray Griffin Starting tailback…. i know that is why they recruited ME.

dont think i dont recognize you, you poo-butt motherfucker. youre the cock sucker that shot my momma

Excuse me. My doggies just got in the end zone and I gotta go celebrate.

Fuck you dough boy i can read! See this shoe it says Adidas!

fuck you dough boy i can read. see this shoe it says adidas

Guy´s, the NCAA has a testing program for this sort of thing so I suggest we let them handle it. Besides it´s not that hard to put 35 pounds of muscle on over the summer IF you hit the gym real hard.

he gained 35 pounds of ripped in one summer and an atitude to go with it

He’s nothing but a pork eating lineman on the scout team.

I don’t know, its the battle, the going to war with the other guys, hanging together, having our own dorm, staying in hotels the night before the games, setting ourselves apart, being different than everybody else, having a chance to be somebody, to do something that people look up to you for, your strength, your courage, not everybody can play football…..we’re the lucky ones

I don’t need a tutor. You don’t need any tutor and yes you do.

I’ll be number 20 but reindubidably going to be number 1

I’m gonna bust yo gut open and watch you die!!!

I’m gonna make you my cellmate. You gonna have 250 pounds, of pissed off nigga up you ass!

Kane is Able

kick me

Kill em all, let the paramedics sort em’ out!!!

put the women and children to bed, it’s time to go get some fuckin dinner

Starting Defense! Place at the table! WOOOOOOOOO!

Starting defense…. Plays at the table

The best is when you hit a guy… And you know it’s… Killin’ him… But you feel great… It’s just him and you, and he’s the one that’s hurtin’…

The best thing is when you hit a guy… you know it’s….killing him….but you feel great. It’s just you and him…..and he is the one that’s hurting

You lost your bonnet baby!

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  1. I’ll be number 20, but we’ll undoubtedly be #1…of course he reads a dictionary daily and didn’t know how to pronounce the word correctly

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