Movie Quotes from Proof of Life: Quotes from the movie Proof of Life

(1)Come on wake up,who am I? (2)Your an asshole (1)Good thats right your gonna be ok.

(a) This won’t work if you bullshit me. (b) I can see that. (a) So we’ll be straight up, then? (b) That’s the way it’s gonna be.

–I thought we’d get a chance…
–What? To sit around and chat? The three of us?

–Who are you?
–I’m Terry Thorne.

–You know how much you mean to me.
–So we’re even.
–No, we’ll never be even. I’ve given you nothing.
–Believe me, we’re even.
–You deserve more than this.

-Oh, jeez. When are you guys gonna put those things away?
-Have a cigarette. It might help.

-We are the talk of the town, buddy.
-Is it complimentary?
-You’d be flattered.

1) Who am I? Who am i?! 2) You’re a freakin’ wacko!1) That’s right!!

Go loud!

I know why don’t I run it from New Your and you run it from London and once a month we go to the Carabian to visit our money. (2)I don’t know if I want you visiting my money.

The K & R business.

Things don’t happen for a reason. They just happen.

Uptown 1 this is Downtown 1, I got a man down. Downtown 3 is down.

We’re out of miracles.

Who’s the man?

You and me, we open our own shop. I run New York. You run London.
We meet in the Caymans once a month to visit our money.

You know how the daughter of an English naval officer gets back at her dad. Marries an Australian.

You stood in my kitchen and you told me my husband was coming home!

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