Movie Quotes from Private Eyes, The: Quotes from the movie Private Eyes, The

1) Did you kill the Morley’s? 2) I crosinize the Morley’s. 1) What do you mean you crosinize the Morley’s? 2) I crosinize the Morley’s! 1) You mean you crosinize the Morley’s? 2) I said I didn’t murder!!

1) I was in bed. That’s spelled, uh, bobby booby boe. 2) I know how that’s spelled.

1)neers, neer 2)what 3)I think he said beers, yah 4 beers 1)no horse neers, your standing in horse neers 3)you know he’s right we’re standing in horse neers

1. Do me a favor, will ya? Don’t say that word around this guy. 2. What word? 1. Murder!

1. Phylis. 2. Huh? 1. Phylis. It’s her bedroom. 2. Well, let’s go. How would you like it if someone was watching you in your bedroom? 1. Hey, she’s getting undressed. 2. Let me up there!!

1. Wrong again? 2. Again. Still, why don’t you try doing one thing in your lifetime right? It could be quite a challenge. 1. Yes. Quite. Well, I’ll just pop back into the mansion and fetch some smokes… er… cigars. Don’t go away, buttercup. 2. Buttercup (sighs)

1.Look, it’s santa’s sled. No wonder he didn’t come around last year! 2.Is there anything that you don’t believe in?

Better get this message back to the yard..(sniff ahh)

I say, Victoria, no fair dozing before dinner.

If Joc could talk, he’d give you a clue, but now that he’s dead, what do you do? He deserved what he got, I don’t regret it a bit. By the way, you’re standing in bull ka-ka.

My name is Mr. Youwhatsum!!! WOuld you like hummingbird cookie?

Who killed Lord and Lady Morley?

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