Movie Quotes from Private Benjamin: Quotes from the movie Private Benjamin

#1 judy, if you can remember, what where Hale’s last words?
#2 I’m cumming.

#1. How many times have you been married? #2. Twice. Once for six months, and once for six hours. My husband had a heart attack and died on our wedding night. #1. I don’t get it…what do you do after something like that? #2. Join the army.

1) What were his last words? 2)I’m coming.

1)henri- there’s claire. 2)WHERE! 1)(PUNCH)Don’t call me stupid!

1)i just took your picture mama! 2)very hip!

1)I’ll hot wire it. 2)you can do that? 1)it’s my former career. 2)Excellent!

1)I’m a Thornbird!They don’t have lady Thornbirds.2)they do now.

1)I’m gonna take you. I’m gonna take you right now Benjamin! 2)I don’t think so sir, but thanks anyway!

1)well you finally made a fool out of me didn’t you Judy Benjamin?
2)Ma’am, yes ma’am.

1. So it was the army or jail? Well, you’re gonna wish you’d chosen Attica.
2. (snaps gum) 1. Oh don’t push me, punk.

1. What’s your name, princess? 2. Judy. Judy Benjamin.

Benjamin you are not fit to wear that uniform!

Beware there are minefields out there. Most of them are ‘inert’, however some of them are… ‘ert’

Casa-ra-sara. I got it from the song.

Don’t you look at me with those baby bluessss.

Don’t you look at me with those baby buessss.

G.I. Judy!

Henri’s not a communist- he’s a gynocologist.

I don’t want to be your friend, I want to be your wife.

I have been assigned to a new post. A good post! Let’s not keep in touch shall we!?

I just don’t understand how you could be with Claire- today.

I mean look at this place…the army couldn’t afford curtains? I’ll be up at the crack of dawn!

I want to give you some advice that has gotten me through some pretty tough times….que sera sera. I got it from the Doris Day movie.

I want to wear my new sandals. I want to go to lunch! I don’t wanna be in the army!

Is GREEN the only color these come in?

It’s not real romantic making love in the sink.

Look what we got!

Most of them are inert. However, some of them are ert.

Now I know what I’ve been faking all this time.

Oh and one more thing- dismissed until Monday and have a good one!

thanks, but I don’t need the loan.

Yale- how could you do this to me!?

You did Claire’s dishes?!

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