Movie Quotes from Private Parts: Quotes from the movie Private Parts

1) I met the programing director today his name is pigvomit b/c he looks like a pig and he makes me wanna vomit.. pigvomit

Kenny Rushton: You violated my wife. You soiled the sanctity of my home!

After all, being misunderstood is the fate of all true geniuses, is it not?

And this is the hell that is my life.

Blank a doodle doo.

But for this movie, you gotta suspend your disbelief.

Eugene is my pen-name because I wrote this while I was in the penn.

He wanted to have a contest where we would give a toilet to the listener with the largest bowel movement. You can imagine the logistics of that.

Howard comes to Hartford and becomes the wacky morning man on WCCC. Was my voice too deep?

Howard-But why can’t I play with my puppets. Ben Stern-Shut up, you know why

I am Fartman!

I can’t say Big Cock but you can say Big Cock coming out of my mouth. That sucks!

I mean these guys had rhinoceras penises

I tell you, I’d love to have a stereotype like that.

I took a dump of a radio station, and returned it to glory!!

I took a dump of a rock station, and returned it to glory!!

I’m half negro, and Howard’s half negro, and anything bad you say about negro’s you say about us, okay?

Kill, kill kill the white man.
Kill him until he is dead
Kill the white man
…Thank you.

Kill, Kill, Kill, the whiteman… by Eugene Mamma Lockaboobooday.

This coming from a guy who’s only told me to shut up about a million times.

This is hop-a-long Howie, saying I quit. I think I quit. Yeah. I quit.


We never went to ballgames. My dad’s favorite sport was yelling.

Women like large penis

You are the MOTHERFUCKING anti-Christ!

You goddamn motherfuckers. You fucking waltz in her and think you know everything, don’t you? Well I fucking worked my fucking ass off to get to New York City. And you sure as FUCK…ARE NOT GONNA FUCKING BLOW IT FOR ME!


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