Movie Quotes from Paris: Quotes from the movie Paris

1.Aren’t you going to open it? 2. No Miss Simpson, I am not going to open it. The reason I’m not going to open it is because I’m fully aware of what it says.

1.But if you are the inspector, then who is….? 2….You are only third policemen and shouldn’t have any lines at all. So shut up and drive.

1.Er, the gate sir, it’s closed. 2.Then go through it, you fool.

1.Pardon Maurice. 2.Maurice? Non, no, Phillipe. 1. Oh come on, you don’t even know when a joke’s over.

1.You’re not middle aged, Mr. Benson. In fact I think you’re remarkably well preserved. 2.As chilling a compliment as I’ve ever received, Miss Simpson.

A mysterious stranger. How exciting!

Actually, depravity can be terribly boring if you don’t smoke or drink.

But can she be trusted? This creature from the streets with a policerecord as long as my arm.

Do you know the meaning of the word ‘serendipity’?

Don’t tell me you had giraffes too.

Gentlemen, success is inevitable.

Girl leaves bird. Boy has to come looking for girl.

Hey baby, I got wheels. Can I drop you?

I don’t see how My Fair Lady and Frankenstein are the same. (pause) Oh, wait a minute. Yes I do.

It’s implied, I believe, rather than inferred.

Like, er, bonjour baby.

My dear boy, I have no idea who you are, but you are beautiful.

She forgot the bird. She forgot the bird. She forgot the bird.

The audience gasps as they realise they have been fooled.

The creatures of the night are my friends.

The lipstick. It’s been written with.

Unfortunately, Miss Simpson, we’re not here writing a musical.

What he doesn’t know, poor Rick, is that the girl is ours.

When’s the script gonna be finished?

You are, I presume, the young lady from the typing agency?

You called the bird Richelieu, because you’ve always wanted a cardinal?

You must be the new schoolma’am.

I have the car right here, sir.

That Face.

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