Movie Quotes from Party Animal, The: Quotes from the movie Party Animal, The

a) I’d sell my soul for a piece of ass. b) Don’t say that. a) It’s true. b) Well, it might be true but don’t say it out loud a) (screaming) I’D SELL MY SOUL FOR A PIECE OF ASS! b) Damnit! You’re gonna be sorry.

A) What’s the problem with your member? B) My what? A) Your member

A: I am not an animal….
B: Bullshit! That’s an animal!

Are you a poet? Are you a wit?
I’m a nit wit. I’m a half-wit. I’m a moron!

Brothers, gather round, take note and look, cause the hound dog, he done writ the book! I’m a man, I’m a brother, I’m a souuuul brother, I’m a……….honkey.

Don’t…Light…The Match!

He fell off the back of a turnip truck….

Hey Men Someones know the Songs of the film ?I´m desperate!!! I´d some Buzzcocks Fleshtones but i hear something by REM?? I dont know he he Please H-E-L-P Elbow!!!!

Hey, brothers! Take note and look. Cause the hound dog, he done written the book! I’m a man. I’m a brother! I’m a soul brother! I’m a (looks around him) honkee.

Hound dog, gonna eat that pussy!

My god I’m purple!

Roses are red,
Violets are blue.
You got big tits,
I wanna suck on ’em too.

Tell her you gotta problem with your pecker.

Why do we call pussy pussy? Caus it’s furry? Naw. Cause it’s warm? Nah. Cause it scratch when it get angry? Then why do we call pussy pussy?

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