Movie Quotes from Pale Rider: Quotes from the movie Pale Rider

–Who are you – really?
–It really doesn’t matter, does it?

1) Do you imbibe, Reverend? 2) Only after nine in the mornin’.

1) I hear you messed up some of my boys, Preach. 2) Nothin’ personal. 1) I hope you won’t take it personal if we tell you to get the hell out of Carbon Canyon now. 2) Well, there’s a lota sinners hereabouts. You wouldn’t want me to leave before finishin’ my work, would ya?

1) In a town as rich as LaHood, oh that preacher would be a wealthy man. 2) That’s why it wouldn’t work. Can’t serve God and Mammon, both. Mammon being money.

Don’t piss down my back and tell me it’s raining!

Nothing like a nice piece of hickory

There’s nothin’ like a nice piece of hickory.

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