Movie Quotes from Pal Joey: Quotes from the movie Pal Joey

–Why do people drink when you feel so awful the morning after?
–Maybe because it feels so good the night before.

And remember, the powder room is in the park.

Hey, who’s the mouse with the built?

I could write a book.

That’s the trouble with you nightclub entertainers. You’re all alike.
You think you can own every dame in the country.

The lady is a tramp.

The mouse means nothing to me.

There’s a small hotel.

This is quite a hideout.

Well, there it is, Chez Joey, just like I pictured it to be. A dream come true.

You got to stay loose.

You have all the subtlety of a battering ram.

You ought to try that with cream cheese and lox. It’s great.

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