Movie Quotes from Paleface, The: Quotes from the movie Paleface, The

–Are you a man or a mouse?
–I’m not a mouse and I’m not a man. I’m a dentist.

–Remember, you promised to love, honor, and obey.
–Yeah, let’s do it in the order named.

–That’s Indian country out there!
–You’re not afraid of a few Indians, are you?
–It’s not the Indians I’m afraid of. It’s their attitudes.

Brave men run in my family.

Buttons and Bows.

I hope they’re loaded. I wish I was, too.

I’ve been chased by women before, but never when I was awake!

Is it safe? Safest thing in the world. Would you mind paying me now?

There’s a million Indians out here against one coward.

What do you want, a happy ending?

You and your high heels!

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