Movie Quotes from Paint Your Wagon: Quotes from the movie Paint Your Wagon

A million miles away behind the door.

All those in favor of bringing prostitution to this camp, say Aye!

Best things.

Gold Fever.

Hand me down that can of beans.

Have you ever read the Bible?
Yes, Ma’am
Didn’t that cure your thirst for drinking?
No, it cured my thirst for reading.

I give you the boy. Give me back the man.

I still see Elisa.

I talk to the trees.

I’m Looking for my stirring stick


The first thing you know.

thems the best kind, what i need now is the worst kind! (lee marvin response to clints made up woman

There’s a coach comin’ in.

There’s two kinds of people, them goin’ somewhere and them goin’ nowhere. And’s that what’s true.

They call the wind Maria.

This ain’t a martyred look, Sarah, this look is pure hatred.

Wanderin’ Star.

Welcome to hell, Parson!

You show me in them commandments where it says a woman cain’t have two husbands.

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