Movie Quotes from Overnight Delivery: Quotes from the movie Overnight Delivery

1)Oh I was just killing time.
2)Killing time?
1)I was killing time til I met you.

Extra, Extra. Read all about it. Kim can shake her pom-poms but she won’t go at it! Extraaa. Extraaa.

Give me a K! We got your K, we got your K. Give me an I! We got your I, we got your I. Give me an M! We got your M, we got your M. What does that spell?! (clap, clap, clap) KIM!

One way or another.

She’s cheating on me with some guy named the Ricker

she’s out with some guy named the ricker

Slut? Oh, oh, no. If I wanna bag a professor from one of my classes, I will, but nobody, and I mean nobody, calls me a slut, so the next time you feel like casting aspersions on my character, try remembering that this quote unquote slut is driving your judgmental ass all the way to Des Moines. So a little decency would be in order. Got it? Good.

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