Movie Quotes from Overboard: Quotes from the movie Overboard

(1) They’re not….they’re not mine… (2) Oh honey, I was sure you’d remember them (3) Well I know I would remember having three children- (4) Four honey, don’t forget little Joey

(Doing shots on yacht) Lick! Shake! Lick! Drink! Suck!!

(Grant Stayton The III) Ms. Stayton decided to leave me….let’s celebrate!

(Imitating Pee Wee Herman) I like it when she goes bah bah bah bah bah bah bah…

1) I hunt it, you cook it.
2) You shot a chicken?

1) What made you rise and get the serving tray? 2) I thought you might be hungry. 1) That’s excellent, excellent! 3) What’s excellent about it? 1) I was hungry!

1) Annie, I can’t talk to you while your back is turned, would you please turn around and look at me! 2) No! 3) Why?! 4) Because I’m so ugly! I got Poison Oak, too! Booohooooooo! 5) Oh honey, it’s not that bad! It’s okay. You’re not really ugly…normally, you’re very pretty…you’re just not now.

1) Are you sure this is gonna work?
2) My ideas ALWAYS work. I’m gifted!
3) I loved it when you glued Joey to the toilet seat

1) Captain Karl?
2) Yes, ma’am.

1) We’ve never really had time to talk.
2) No, we haven’t.

1) Well, there’s no time now.

1) Grant, if you do not produce Joanna

in one week, I am going to hire a mass
of mercenaries to hunt you down

and chop off the protruding parts
of your body. Is that clear?

2) I’ll find her. I mean, you’ll have
your daughter soon. Bye!

1) I don’t belong here, I feel it, don’t you think I feel it! I can’t do any of these vile things and I wouldn’t WANT to. Oh, my life is like death! My children are the spawn of hell, and you’re the devil. Oh God!
2) But, baby, we like YOU!

1) I don’t belong here. I feel it.
Don’t you think I feel it?

I can’t do any of these vile things
and I wouldn’t want to!

My life is like death!

My children are the spawn of hell
and you’re the devil.

Oh, God…!

2) Baby, we like you.

1) I’m glad this happened.

I’ve been tryin’ to figure out a way to tell
you this for ever. Come here. Sit down.

I wanna tell you something.

‘JS’ is you. These are yours and we’re not
married. There. God, I finally said it!

2) What’s her name? Jacqueline? Josie?

1) Honey, I’m not your husband
and you’re not my wife!

1) I’m not paying for your mistake!
2) I’m not just gonna eat it on this deal.

1) Why not?
You’ve eaten everything else here, and you will eat it
because I wanted cedar!

2) You may have WANTED cedar,
but you didn’t ASK for cedar.

1)The entire civilized world
knows that all closets are made out of cedar!

2) In Elk Snout,
we don’t know about them closets!

Nor bathrooms, neither! Shit, woman!
You’re lucky I am housebroke!

1) Miss, miss… do you know your name?

2) Of course I know my name!


Oh! This is absurd!

I know it! It…

Oh, get that thing out of my face!

1) Monday is their first day of school

and I came here to welcome your family.
And what do I get in return?

I get toilet-papered by your children!
2) They’re just playin’ around!

1) Just playin’ around? They were about
to douse the toilet paper with gasoline

– and strike…
2) Wait, wait! Stop.

Greg and Charlie. Twins, right?
1) Yeah.

2)They’re having this arson period. They
don’t know this, but I’m ahead of them.

I got two fire extinguishers ready to go.

1) Mrs Burbridge,
would you come over here for a moment?

Has it escaped your attention that these
children have head-to-toe poison oak?

2) Well, no… Yes, but…

1) But what? My children are
in need of medical assistance!

And you can sit here and smugly
lecture me on the importance of tests?

Tests which label children’s potential –
a thing which cannot possibly be measured!

Least of all by anal-compulsive Huns!

And my husband may be a large child,
but that’s none of your business.

And my children may be rotten,
but they’re mine!

And I think that they’re bright
and sensitive.

So I have no doubts whatsoever
about their intelligence!

I do, however,
have serious doubts about yours!

1) Nothing’s happening. 2)Wellpumpkin, you gotta light the burner.

1) Roy? Roy? 2) My name is Travis…

1) So tonight is your first night with her, huh? 2) Uh-hu! UH-HU! 3) Well I can’t tell you she doesn’t have a great body cause’ she does….and a pretty decent face…but nah, she’s too rich for my blood.

1) Surprise!

2) A washing machine!
1) Do you like it?

2) Honey, it’s so expensive.

1) No shit!

1) Take a shot at his name honey. 2) Roy? 1) R? no its Travis, sweet Trav? 3) Now those are tits!!

1) There’s a vessel sighted straight ahead, sir. 2)Identify.
1) There’s a fat guy in my way, sir.

1) This missing link person is not my husband! 2) Well he seems to like you and he’s a nice guy

1) We did it on the first date? 2) Well it wasn’t a date really, it was in the parking lot at the 7/11

1) We like ‘er Dad. 2) Oh you like her, huh? You like her so much you’d rather live with her than your own father?

1) We moved here…deliberately? 2) Well sure honey, the other place was a real dump.

1) We’re gettin’ Mom back.

We miss her.
2) Yeah, she cuts the crusts off the bread.

3) She doesn’t take any of my shit either.
I need discipline.

1) Well, what do you know? Extend
your brain a teensy little bit, if possible!

2) You seem to be suffering
from a temporary amnesia,

either from the bump into the garbage
scow or the shock of the cold water.

1) How temporary is it?
2) Well, we don’t know.

Otherwise, you seem to be
in excellent physical shape.

1) Listen to me, medical people.

As of now, I have a life history
of a dirty garbage scow

and a breakfast of
extremely runny eggs over easy!

Now I refuse… REFUSE…

to be incarcerated in this
semi-private room!

You snore!

1) What’s my full name?
2) Oh, come on!

1) What is it?
2) Mrs Annie Proffitt!

1) What’s my maiden name?
2) Annie… Goolihy.

1) Annie Goolihy?

Where in God’s name did I grow up?

2) No, no, not there! Over in Goober, Idaho.
But it’s a nuclear waste dump now…

1) What’s my name? 2) Annie. 1) Annie what? 2) Annie Goolahee. 1) Annie Goolahee?… where in God’s name was I born… Dog Patch? 2) No, over in Goober, Idaho.

1) Will you just please get your head out?
2) No. No!
1) Why?!

2)Because I’m so ugly.

I got poison oak, too!

1) Come on, now.
Nobody cares what you look like.

I mean, we do like the way you look.
Normally you look real pretty.

You just don’t now.

1)Ugh! How could you let him do that?! He could be some starnger off the street!

1)Ugh!I just ate a bug! 2) Keep your mouth closed. Lot of things flying around out here.

1)We saw this…this thing…floating like this…wearing this little string..and then we…we bring…we bring…up…and we say…’focka’ ‘focka’! 2) Oh I’m sorry, sir you can’t say that on television! 3) no, no, ‘focka’ means seal in Portuguese..

1. Stop staring at me! Go eat your checkers!

1. I can’t stop itching!
2. Well, what you expect from rolling around in poison oak?

1. I was in the Navy? 2. Honey, you gotta remember. You were in the NAVY! 1. No, I don’t remember! I don’t remember any of this and I don’t remember you!

1. They’re making out their Christmas lists. 2.Oh already!

1. Ugh! How could you let him do that! He could be some stranger off the street! 2. Well, he seems to like you- and he’s a nice guy. 3. He’s good lookin’.

1.) I’m finished with your nails, Madam, would you like me to put your jewelry back on? 2.) Not yet, I’m still tacky.

1.) Mom! Dad! They’re making me drink blood!

1.) Wait when are you coming home?
2.) When I feel like it. It depends on how drunk I get.

1.) Well, when are you coming home? 2.) When I feel like it. It depends how drunk I get.

1.Hey you guys settle down up there! 2. its not us dad, its Roy

1.Shes getting better though 2.Better? 1.Yeah shes not going bu bub bu bub bu bub

1.Was it always like this? 2. Everytime with you is like the first time.

Dean: Billy there is a God and he loves me.
Billy: You’re not going to shave your head are ya?
Dean: No.

Dean: What’s the score Billy? I had my eyes closed.
Billy: 32-10.
Dean: Who’s winning?
Billy: The guys with the 32.

A falsetto child?

A) I got an A on my English test. B) I got the part of Tiny Tim in the school play. C) I’m flunkin’ Math.

A) I just swallowed a bug! B) Keep your mouth closed.

A) Name a wonder.
B) Stevie Wonder.
A) Name another wonder.
B) Wonder Bread.

A) Nothing’s happening. B) Well, honey, you’ve gotta light the burner.

A) Wait! Something is familiar – you…and the…closet. B) Well, you and I used to do it in the closet. A) Oh, stop with the sex stories!

A) What could I possibly give you that you don’t already have?
B) A little girl.

A) You got the right sizes, didn’t you? B) You didn’t say anything about sizes. You just said ‘get dresses’.

Ah! My body!

And I refuse, REFUSE to be incarcirated in this semi-private room. You SNORE!!!

And later we’re going to clean up this room. We like it like this. Yeah, Dad lets us do whatever we want. Well, its starting to trickle down the stairs.

Andrew! I’ve seemed to have dropped my ruby earrings somewhere between 64th Street and (blows on nails) and 68th Street. Find them!

Andrew! Are you going to bring me some lemon or do I have to squeeze it from my hat!

Andrew, are you going to bring me my lemon or do I have to squeeze it through my hat?

Andrew, are you going to bring me my lemon, or do I have to squeeze it from my hat?!!

Andrew? Are you going to bring me my lemon, or do I have to squeeze
it from my hat?

Annie Goolihee? Where in God’s name did I grow up, Dogpatch?

Annie, I’m sorry. I got horny. Do you hate me?

Are mashed potatoes supposed to be crunchy?

Ask me anything! Ask me about my childhood in England…and about my money…MONEY! I HAVE LOTS AND LOTS OF MONEY!!!

Billy, there is a God, and he loves me.

But darling if you have a baby you won’t BE the baby anymore.

Cavier should be round and hard and of adequate size. And it should
burst in your mouth at precisely the right moment.

Darling…if you HAVE a baby, you won’t BE the baby anymore.

Dr. Death, let’s go!

Eat your checkers!

Ever since I walked through that door I’v done nothing but cook, clean, scrub, chop wood. I’v looked after you, your dogs, your kids and your friends so that I might remember one shred of my life here and now its clear to me why I have chosen to block it out!

Eversince I came through that door, I have cooked, cleaned, scrubbed, chopped wood- I’ve waited on you, your dogs, your kids and your friends- in hopes that I would remember some shred of my life, and now it is entirely clear to me why I have chosen to block it out!

Everyone thinks I’m crazy, do you think there right?
Oh no, Madam oh no. Everyone is born with blinders on knowing only that one station in life to which they are born. You, on the other hand Madam have had the rare privilege of removing your bonds for just a spell to see life from an entirely different perspective. How you choose to use that information is entirely up to you.


Has it escaped your attention that my children are covered head to toe in poison oak? 2) Well, no, well, i guess 3) My children are in need of medical assistance. And you can sit here and smugly lecture me on the importance of tests? Tests which exist to pigeonhole children’s potential, a thing which can not possibly be measured, least of all by anal compulsive hons! And my husband may be a large child, but that’s none of your business, and my children may be rotten, but they’re MINE! And I think they are bright and sensitive and I have no doubts whatsoever about their itelligence. I DO however, have SERIOUS doubts about yours!

Hey remember when you used to make fake ID’s when we were in high school? Well I need a fake bride.

Hey Trav don’t knock her up

Honey, you don’t get any of those old feelings back when you look at Billy, do you?

How did you know I was in a hospital? You left me there. You snake! You left me there, didn’t you?

How do you spell Porsche?

How do you spell porshe?

I almost had to wait!

I bought my wife a garter once at a yard sale

I came by to welcomed your family to Elk’s Lodge and what do I get? I get attacked with toilet paper by your children!!

I cannot, I repeat cannot sit here in this cesspool by the sea with nothing to do. So while you repair your silly boat engines I will do some remodelling. I’ve already sent for a carpenter.
Well do whatever, diddums. I’m shooting skeet.

I cannot, I repeat, can NOT sit in the shade under the sun with nothing to do! So while you repair your silly boat engines I’m gonna do some remodeling. I already sent for a carpenter.

I didn’t marry very well, did I?

I don’t know who I am, but I’m SURE I have a laywer!

I don’t wanna go in the water barrel again!

I just….ate a bug

I like it when she does the babbabbabaabba

I like it when she goes a bbu ba ba bu

I like when she goes bah, bah, bah, bah, bah.

I look like a Bushman.

I lost my wedding ring at sea!

I see that Amanda..

I smell hair

I was in the Navy??

I’m a short, fat , slut.

I’m a short, fat, slut.

I’m a short…fat…slut.

I’m not bored. I’m quite happy. Everybody wants to be me!

I’m not going anywhere until…

I’m quite happy. Everyone wants to be me

I’v got news for you, Lady. Nothing will ever be done to your satisfation. Your so bored you gotta invent things to bitch about. You’ve got nothing to do all day except your hair. No, the wardrobe was fine. You just needed something to fill your useless, empty, nail polishing, toe polishing, rich, bitch, suntanning days.

I’ve behaved so badly. I dont know how you put up with me for so long. You’ve done so many wonderful things for me and I’ve never even once said thankyou. I’m sorry.
Apology accepted, Madam.

Is English your second language?

It itches mom!

It wasn’t me dad — Roy did it.

It’s coming back already! Everything slopes down towards the kitchen.

It’s easy for you to say. You don’t have to sit out here in the brine with your hair frizzing to oblivian. I look like a bushman!

It’s not me, Dad, it’s Roy.

Joanna; You know forks were invented so that man could at least make a pretence of separating himself from the apes. Dean; So were thumbs.

Let’s forget for a moment that it’s a rag — it happens to be 12 sizes too large.

Listen to me medical people!

Man overboard kissing woman overboard!

Man overboard! Woman overboard! Man and woman overboard…kissing!

Man overboard! Woman overboard! She’s wearin an evening gown! Man overboard! It’s a hell of a day at sea, sir!

Man: I hunt it, you cook it. Woman: You shot a chicken?

mmmmm……Spaghetti-o Surprise…..

Oh Dean, thank you! THANK YOU for making me a mother and a housewife and…why did you do that?!

Oh please dont call me Jo Jo. I feel like a Parmaranian.


Oh Tofudi where are you when I need you?

Oh, my hair!

Oohw, my hair.

Quit staring at me…. eat your checkers!!


She destroyed the scarecrow, dad. She ripped the sucker’s head off!

She might have no tits, but she sure has a nice ass!

Stop staring at me!

Eat your chequers!

They dont look anything like me.
Well they do take after your mother. Lets just hope they dont turn out to be lushs too.
My mothers a lush?
WAS,honey. Remember, cyrosis of the liver?
What about my father?
Oh, he’s alive and well and due for parol in what, six years?

They should have kept you there in that pchco ward. What? How did you know that? You left me there, didnt you? You snake. How could you be such a slime?

They’re making me drink blood!

This is my gun. I have lots and lots of them.

Tofutti. Oh Tofutti where are you when I need you? Tofutti Kline -ine -ine.

twin, oh twin

Twin, Oh twin?…She means you

Ugh, I have little corpses stuck to my nails.

We moved here? Diliberetly?

We’re at sea and I’m a god at sea!

We’re at sea and I’m a god at sea.

Well the entire civilised world knows that closets should be made of cedar.
Well up here in Elk Snout we dont about things like that. Nor about bathrooms either. Shit, women your lucky I AM house broken!
You were listening. Yeah, well it’s a little hard to avoid. Well, you can avoid it in the future because your fired!

Well the whole civilized world knows that all closets are made out of cedar!

Well, honey, you’ve gotta light the burner.

What are you looking at ! Go eat you’r checkers

What could I possibly give you that you don’t already have? #2 A little girl

What is it that I normally do?

What? No boom-boom?

Woman overboard, sir! And she’s wearing an evening gown!

Yep, that’s her! That’s my little cookie cutter

Yes, (sigh) I suppose I belong in this hovel. I didn’t marry very well, did I?

Yes, I know, it never bothered me before. WELL, IT BOTHERS ME NOW!

You always liked being called Jojo….it was Diddums you hated.

You don’t SHOVE the food down Chetocky’s throat, you PLACE it on her tongue. Don’t they have dogs in Sweedan?

You jumped my bones the first time we met!
Right there in the carpark of the Seven Eleven.
We did it on the first date?
Well, you could hardly call it a date.

You may have WANTED cedar, but you didn’t ASK for cedar.

You owe me 600 bucks!

You said moms don’t leave!

you said moms dont leave

You snore!

You’re my Annie and you always will be!

You’re that sweaty carpenter from Elk Snout!

You’re unbelievable!

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